Your morning adorable: Guanaco calf makes her debut at the Berlin Zoo

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We sometimes wonder if the Berlin Zoo -- home to African lion cubs, wolf pups, moose calves and, of course, world-famous Knut the polar bear -- has room for any animals that aren’t adorable. The breakneck pace with which it debuts cute animal babies is enough to make our heads spin.

This week, the zoo’s baby animal du jour is a female guanaco calf, seen above with her mother, Hannah, in their outdoor enclosure. The calf was born in mid-October.

The guanaco, like its domestic counterpart, the llama, is native to parts of South America. (Both animals share a penchant for spitting.) The species is also a relative of the camel and, as such, doesn’t need much water to survive. Another similarity between the guanaco and the camel, according to the San Diego Zoo, is that ‘both animals have two padded toes that help with footing on rocky trails or gravel slopes. Their feet are best described as ‘squishy.’ ' Of course, guanacos don’t have humps.

Guanacos are known for their loud vocalizations, meaning you probably wouldn’t want to have this baby -- no matter how cute she is -- as a roommate.

See more photos of the Berlin Zoo’s new guanaco baby after the jump!


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-- Lindsay Barnett