For Sarah Palin’s ‘Rogue’ book blitz, a Barbara Walters interview


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During the 2008 presidential campaign, Sarah Palin was hardly known for slam-dunk television interviews. In person, the vice presidential candidate energized the GOP base, but audiences who saw her televised interviews with Charles Gibson and Katie Couric might have stepped away from the flat screen with a few select acronyms (what the?) running through their minds.

Now, the former Alaska governor will give it another shot, this time with Barbara Walters. The five-part interview will air over three ABC News programs starting Nov. 17, the day Palin’s ‘Going Rogue,’ already a pre-sale bestseller, hits the shelves.

Palin’s upcoming memoir, however, is not to be confused with ‘Going Rouge,’ a book she’s unlikely to autograph.


We think Walters can expect a treasure trove of an interview.

Incidentally, Palin didn’t really tell Gibson that she could see Russia from her house -- that was Tina Fey. It is, however, possible to swim from Alaska to Russia. And the dinosaurs and book banning stuff? Matt Damon might want to click here.

Oh! Sarah! If Barbara asks you what papers you read, just say this: ‘I very much enjoy the Los Angeles Times, thank you for asking!’ Couldn’t hurt, right?

Any bets on whether Walters will get Palin to cry? Will Meghan McCain weigh in? Will Levi Johnston get any more mileage out of the whole thing?

We smell good TV on the horizon.

Actually, we can see it from here.

-- Christie D’Zurilla