The PREACH IT! 2009 year-end celebrity gossip quiz!

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How well do you know your 2009? How well do you know your gossip? How well would you do in one giant year-end quiz that combines all the great taste of 2009 with the heady texture of celebrity gossip?

We have just such a quiz! We’re entertainment reporters. It’s our job to write quizzes for you.


Take your best shot at these 10 questions -- and Happy New Year from the divine folk at Ministry of Gossip. A link to the answers is at the end.

1. Who was in jail in 2009? (a) Lil’ Kim (b) Lil Wayne (c) Lily Allen (d) T.I. 2. It was a big year for shaking down celebrities. Who did not reportedly get threatened with extortion in 2009? (a) Cindy Crawford

(b) David Letterman

(c) John Stamos

(d) 50 Cent

3. What was the name of the failed TV show self-produced by Richard “Balloon Dad” Heene? (a) ‘Fun With Helium’ (b) ‘Box Time Playhouse’ (c) ‘Making Crawl Spaces Fun’

(d) ‘Fairy Tales for Grownups’

4. Who did not date John Mayer in 2009? (a) Jennifer Aniston (b) Jessica Simpson (c) Rashida Jones (d) Everybody else

5. What was the favorite word of Dakota Fanning’s character, Jane, in ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’? (a) pancake (b) pain (c) joy (d) blood

6. Which phrase -- minus the expletives -- was established in 2009 as the proper etiquette for chewing out a movie crew member in the style of ‘Terminator: Salvation’ star Christian Bale?

(a) Seriously, man, you and me, we’re ... done professionally.

(b) Seriously, dude, you and me, we’re ... done in the eyes of God. (c) Seriously, sir, you and me, we’re ... done. In every way we could be done. Don’t even try to imagine the ways that we might not be done, ‘cause they don’t exist. (d) Seriously, guy, you and me, we’re Terminated. 7. Which actor got the nickname ‘Octodad’ in 2009 after fathering his eighth child? (a) Colin Farrell (b) Will Farrell (c) Bruce Willis (d) Mel Gibson 8. Who did not sign the petition demanding the immediate release of Roman Polanski? (a) Tilda Swinton (b) Susan Sarandon (c) Martin Scorsese (d) Penelope Cruz 9. How late was the Jackson family in arriving for the King of Pop’s private funeral? (a) 90 minutes (b) 30 minutes (c) One hour (d) On time 10. How many days’ jail time did Chris Brown get for assaulting Rihanna? (a) 4 (b) 2 (c) 0 (d) 1

For the answers, click here. No peeking!

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos, from top: Lil’ Kim, Richard Heene, Dakota Fanning as Jane, Christian Bale, Rihanna. Credits, from top: Dave Hogan / Getty Images; Richard Haro / Associated Press; Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment; Chris Pizello / Associated Press; Alastair Grant / Associated Press.