PREACH IT! Sex addiction, now an official trend! Thank you, Tiger Woods!


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Sure, we’ve heard the occasional tale about a celebrity seeking help for addiction to sexual urges, but now that roster, apparently, includes Tiger Woods. Per X17 and People, Woods has checked into an Arizona facility called the Meadows to recover from his -- I’m gonna say it! I’m gonna say it! -- drives. I SO just wrote that. A slew of other famous people have reportedly sought treatment for sex addiction, including David Duchovny, who doesn’t just play a sex addict on TV. The ‘Californication’ star has come out and said he has a sex addiction problem. There’s also Bill Murray; in 2008 divorce papers, Murray’s ex-wife said the comedic actor suffered from “addiction to marijuana and alcohol [and] sexual addictions.” There’s also Russell Brand and the whole cast of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s celebrity-themed ‘Sex Rehab’ show -- model Amber Smith and Kari Ann Peniche among them. (You may better know Peniche as the third member of the Rebecca Gayheart-Eric Dane threesome.)

(If you’re wondering why I’m not putting Michael Douglas or Eric Benet on the list, it’s because they’ve both denied the rumors. That doesn’t mean anything, just that they’ve denied the rumors.)

So if the X17 report is true, what kind of treatment is Tiger likely receiving?


Apparently, with sex addiction treatment, the goal isn’t abstinence, the way it is with a substance abuse program. Rather, it’s avoiding compulsive sexual behavior, sometimes with the added support of a period of sexual abstinence for the first phase of treatment. Sometimes, 12-step programs adapted to sex addiction are used; patients are taught to recognize the triggers for unhealthy sexual behavior and to substitute other activities for that behavior.

May we suggest, perhaps, golf?

-- Leslie Gornstein

(bottom) Dr. Drew Pinsky treats celebrities for sex addiction. Tiger Woods is not, however, being treated by Dr. Drew. Because that would make our brain explode. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times

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