PREACH IT! John Mayer stops tweeting, leaves us all alone with Tila Tequila


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We here at the Ministry could dedicate this post to how offensive, just offensive, the whole John Mayer Twitter debacle has been. That Playboy interview! Airing his dirty laundry like that! Speaking in such ribald language about the ladies! Using the N word!

We could pull a CNN -- call up some talking heads and hold a marginally responsible debate on whether Mayer has some sort of blurting condition. Or we could pull a Fox News. You know, call in a different assortment of heads and discuss whether Mayer’s behavior is indicative of general Moral Backsliding in America.


But those approaches, though occasionally amusing -- always fun to see how far Bill O’Reilly can make his face retreat into his own neck -- would also be dishonest.

For most people -- especially us -- watching rich people talk themselves into a hole isn’t tragic. It’s not an outrage. It’s not Cause for Concern.

It’s fun.

In fact, there’s only one thing more entertaining than watching a pompous celebrity meltdown on Twitter, and that’s the implosion of self-pity that happens afterward. For Mayer, that Phase II has begun.

Confirmation first arrived Wednesday night. By that point, Mayer had already posted an apology on Twitter related to the Playboy interview. It was pretty good, as celebrity apologies go. But at a live show in Nashville that night, he broke down, according to a report by E! News.

‘I quit the media game. I’m out. I’m done,’ a teary Mayer told the audience at the Sommet Center. ‘I just want to play my guitar.’


For now, Mayer appears to be serious. His Twitter account has been silent for the last two days. Guess we’ll have to get our schadenfreude somewhere else.

Wonder what Tila Tequila’s doing ...

-- Leslie Gornstein

P.S. Video of his apology is below, though the sound quality gets a bit unbearable when the four-minute apology ends and the blues guitar kicks in.

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