Meet the Trololololo guy -- you’ll *never* forget him


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Still reeling from YouTube’s momentary fail on the original Rickrolling link? It’s fixed, we swear, but we’re also pleased to report the presence of an understudy waiting in the wings: the Trololololo Guy.

Imagine if Lawrence Welk and the Geico Caveman had a baby. And then the baby lip-synched. ‘70s style. And then it showed up on Stephen Colbert‘s show.


Dare you not to watch -- it’s the high-speed freeway chase of music videos.

But in case you can’t, here’s a play-by-play on the performance by singer Edward Anatolevich Hill, from Nick Douglas over at Urlesque:

Let’s walk through the highlights of Hill’s performance: * The first yuh-yuh-yuh. I don’t believe this video would catch on were the yuh-yuh-yuh not so early. * The oh-oh-oh-oh-ho. That’s the last time Edward Hill will shape his mouth like the sound supposedly coming out. * Eyebrows! * The arm-swings. * Two open hands, then a sway side-to-side as if to admit the silliness. * HIGH VOIIIIIIICE! * Low voiiiiice. * Pointin’ and laughin’. * Very specific hand gestures... * A wave... * And goodbye.

Goodbye from us as well!

-- Christie D’Zurilla

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