PREACH IT! Ashton Kutcher and pals say stuff! About, you know, drill, drill, drill!


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It’s an inevitable media cycle: A big controversy hits, celebrities speak out about it, and then pundits -- usually right-wingers -- fall back on that old, shopworn diss: Hollywood should just shut up and entertain us.

We here at Preach It! tend to disagree with said pundits, especially because -- at least, when it comes to charity -- there’s a proven link between celebrity endorsements and increased donations. If it takes a Shakira to, say, turn us on to what’s going on in Arizona, so be it. At least we’re talking about Arizona, right?


Unless, of course, the celebrities genuinely don’t seem to, um, know what they’re talking about. Take the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, popularly known as the BP oil spill, which had all the celebrities speaking out during the premiere for the new Ashton Kutcher-Katherine Heigl flick “The Killers.’

Per Heigl: “This is really, really bad. I think someone needs to get in there and do what we can right away to stop it. You know there’s lots of, you know, animal life and sea life that are being killed by this.”

Well, OK. To be fair, that comment wasn’t so terrible. Because, factually, yes, the BP oil spill is really, really, really bad. Then came Kutcher, whose comments went like this:

‘If you could go back to the Republican National Convention, and look the guys in the eyes that were saying ‘drill, drill, drill’ -- at the Republican National Convention? Those guys! There you go! That’s what, that’s what we got! Like, we did it, we drill, drill, drilled!’

He continued thus: ‘This probably existed before that, so that’s maybe kind of a low blow. But ...

... at the end of the day, the truth is, we gotta think about the world we live in. I mean, we have to be conscious. It’s not a right, it’s a privilege to live on this planet and use its resources, and we have to be smart about it. Clearly nobody anticipated this, nobody expected this. BP is down, what, 40%, their stock is down? And you know what, by the way, it should plummet everybody else down at the same time. Because it’s not just BP. It’s everybody else, and we need to find a different way to live on this Earth.” Indeed. Think about, like, the world, people! But then again, let’s take a closer look at these remarks and give Kutcher some credit: At least he follows BP stock, which -- let’s admit it -- you and I do not.

But then came actress-singer LeToya Luckett: “It makes me upset because there are living creatures out there and it’s hitting them first, and, you know, they deserve to live like we deserve to live, and it’s just -- I can’t stand pollution. I’m a green girl. Um, well, I try to be a green girl. I am a green girl sometimes. Most of the time. So it hurts my feelings in a major way.’

Like, I know, right?

-- Leslie Gornstein

LeToya Luckett at the same premiere. Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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