PREACH IT! The Mel Gibson mess: Could it get any worse?


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Before we go any further into the world of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, let’s answer the question posed in the headline: Yes, it can get worse, as Radar Online on Friday afternoon posted audio it says is the taped rant we’ve been hearing about since the beginning of the month.

Just more evidence that the breakup story grows more complicated by the hour. If the stories that are emerging are even a tiny bit accurate, they make Gibson look more violent and out of control that ever. The latest, per TMZ:


  • Grigorieva told the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that Gibson hit her and knocked out a tooth. Through his attorneys, Gibson has denied the allegation.
  • Grigorieva, the mother of the couple’s baby daughter, also alleges that Mel threatened her with a handgun, though there’s no additional evidence to back up her claim at this time.
  • Gibson also may have hit Grigorieva while she was holding their baby, but again, no additional details.

[Updated at 3:45 p.m.: One more thing just in -- Mel’s agency has dropped him. Gibson’s team was informed earlier this week by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment that the company will no longer represent the actor, the Hollywood Reporter says. Gibson’s agent of 32 years, Ed Limato, died July 3.]

As for any potential criminal charges headed Gibson’s way, it’s too soon to tell. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office recently told E! that the investigation is, in essence, still ongoing.

‘We have no case. They have not handed it over to us,’ spokeswoman Jane Robison told E! News. ‘Once they complete their investigation it would be routine if they handed it over to us, but we have no comment because nothing has been turned over yet.’

Hollywood, which is loath to abandon even the nuttiest of talent if it means a few extra bucks ...

... seems to be taking advantage of the delay by lying low and seeing how things shake out. Gibson recently wrapped shooting on the prison picture ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation,’ and there’s no official word on the project’s release being shelved or pushed. Meanwhile, casting agents have told the Ministry that Gibson is pretty much poison right now, but -- amazingly, some may say -- he likely won’t stay that way forever. Hollywood essentially forgave him once, and, we’re told, we shouldn’t be shocked if they do it again. There’s simply too much money to be made, and America loves to forgive wayward celebrities. If, that is, they apologize -- which, in this particular instance, Gibson has yet to do. Then again, it’s still not really clear whether Grigorieva’s accusations hold any serious legal weight.

Officially, there’s no comment yet out of Mel Gibson’s camp, but we’ll keep you posted.

-- Leslie Gornstein

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