A second alleged Mel Gibson tape goes public -- threats included


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Another audiotape alleged to be Mel Gibson screaming at Oksana Grigorieva has been made public -- and this one, released Monday by Radar Online exclusively, includes an apparent threat by the male voice on the tape to put his ex-girlfriend in ‘a rose garden, understand that, ‘cause I’m capable of it. You understand that?’

The tape does not include the beginning or end of the conversation, and it’s impossible to tell if it’s been edited further than that. It’s also unclear when it was recorded, though if it is Gibson and Grigorieva, then the woman’s references to the man allegedly hitting her while she was holding their child, and his mention of her getting a restraining order, suggest it’s from near the end of June.


Whether anyone admits to hitting anyone else isn’t 100% clear either -- as the two on the tape talk over each other, he says ‘you deserved it’ during a stretch when she accuses him of hitting her while she was holding their child.

What is clear -- the male voice is from someone who’s extremely angry. The f-bomb is hurled almost too many times to count, along with insults, accusations and an expression of despair over ...

... the man having left his wife because they had no spiritual connection, only to find no such connection with his new girlfriend either. (You can listen to the tape here, but know that it’s loaded with profanity and for tough-minded adults only.) At the point where the tape starts up, the man is yelling at the woman to stay on the phone and ‘just ... listen to me, listen to my ... ranting’ because otherwise, he says, he’ll drive over to the house.

After she tells him he should be on medication, he replies: ‘I don’t need medication. You need a ... bat in the side of the head, how about that? You need a ... doctor. You need a .. brain transplant. You need a ... soul.’

As in the previous recording, the woman is calm, for the most part, while the man is raging -- at times reduced to heavy panting after shouting. He accuses her of being a gold digger, of using him and leaving him as soon as he told her ‘the career is over.’

‘When I said that you lit out of here faster than I’ve ever seen you before ... you just showed me what you are, absolutely, unequivocally,’ the man says on the tape.


The woman says she doesn’t care about her music or him spending any more money on her, only that she’s afraid for the life of their daughter -- whom the man also mentions on the tape.

One bit of dark humor in an otherwise humorless situation: The guy also screams at the woman that, well, she makes him want to smoke.

In January of this year, while promoting ‘The Edge of Darkness,’ Mel Gibson discussed with reporters how hard it was for him to shake the demon nicotine.

Poor fella.

-- Christie D’Zurilla

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