PREACH IT! Levi Johnston will not leave you alone until he is on TV


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Poor Levi Johnston -- forced to pose for Playgirl, run for mayor and shoot obscure music videos just to support his sad bid for celebrity status new baby. Now Johnston has turned his sights on reality TV stardom -- you know, on account of how he needs to buy diapers for his baby, what’s-his-name. Johnston has even scored a producer, who has a name for the new project. It’s called ‘Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office.’ Now all Johnston’s got to do is find one of them networks with them rabbit ears big enough to put it out on all the TEE vees.

Said networks, however, aren’t exactly arranging helicopter-wolf-hunting parties in Johnston’s honor. Reuters, for one, is reporting that networks are far from thrilled. (‘I’m just incredibly uninterested,’ one network’s executive in charge of unscripted programing told the news outlet.)


But we might end up seeing Johnston’s reality show nonetheless. Yes, the current batch of network execs remains largely underwhelmed, but producers like Johnston very much, Preach It! is told. And producers know that there are plenty of outlets other than networks for a person like Johnston -- online, for example.

‘Levi is a nice option demographically; he offers good name recognition and was a member of a family that has an almost sitcom quality to it,’ says reality producer Lewis Fenton of Juma Entertainment, which recently produced ‘The Ultimate Merger,’ starring ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ villain Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. ‘Think about the Palins. Dad races snowmobiles, mom is an opinionated, camera-loving ex-beauty queen/conservative icon with a baby in her arms, and the whole gang has this relatable Middle America vibe.’

Johnston’s one big problem? Surprisingly, it is not the fact that he is Levi Johnston. It’s his current dating situation, or lack thereof.

‘Levi’s fatal downfall is that he seems to be failing in his attempts to actually join this family,’ Fenton dishes. ‘Without the Palins as in-laws, Levi might not have enough going on to carry a show.’

In other words, for a guy who so desperately wants to be famous, er, feed his kid, he sure knows how to alienate the one group of people who could help him the most.

So, what are the chances that he romances Bristol Palin again?

Actually, scratch that. Here’s a better question:

-- Leslie Gornstein

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