Miley Cyrus bong hit ‘documented’ -- but it was salvia, honest


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Miley Cyrus has a new video out -- and in it she’s smoking from a bong at her L.A.-area home five days after her 18th birthday in November. The herbaceous culprit? Allegedly not pot, but salvia, sources told TMZ.

More on salvia later.

In the video, taken by a friend who wanted to ‘document the [heck] out of this’ and posted by TMZ, Cyrus goes from ‘having a little bit of a bad trip’ to laughing her butt off to, well, acting pretty much like an idiot. You know that laugh? Yeah, there’s that laugh.


‘Is that a ... Liam lookalike or what?’ she asks. ‘Is that my boyfriend?’

Um, no, Liam Hemsworth does not appear to have been in the house.

Keeping with the relaxed vibe, the Eagles’ ‘Take It Easy’ -- which we hear is a big hit with the kids these days? -- can be heard in the background.

Salvia divinorum, an herb with hallucinogenic properties, is legal to buy and possess in California, as is marijuana, for those with a prescription. (We’ll have to get back to you on whether tobacco smoking is still legal in the Golden State, however. Depends on the city.)

‘That this drug is legal is shocking,’ drug-abuse expert Howard C. Samuels told The Times in 2008. ‘I find it especially disgusting that kids can leave high school on their lunch hour and go to a head shop and get it.’

Samuels said that salvia’s brief high, which includes hallucinations (apparently that one’s on-again, off-again boyfriend has shown up at the party?), can leave users upset and contribute to preexisting emotional problems. In July 2008, California prohibited the possession of salvia divinorum by minors.

‘Take It Easy’ has been around since 1972; Miley has been around since 1992.


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-- Christie D’Zurilla