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Oh, Princess Beatrice -- the hat she presumably thought was a lovely choice for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding turned out to be a royal disaster, prompting the scorn of thousands of Facebook users. Their hate wasn’t necessarily for all hats, but rather specifically for the one perched Friday on Beatrice’s high-profile head.


The 22-year-old took a risk donning headgear that many thought would be more appropriate for Lady Gaga, and the risky hat choice quickly backfired for her on Facebook. Witness the emergence of ‘Princess Beatrice’s ridiculous Royal Wedding hat,’ a group dedicated to her headgear that had received more than 18,000 ‘likes’ just hours after the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Has any topper since Aretha Franklin‘s unforgettable inauguration hat seen such biting abuse?

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Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, stepped out at the fairy tale wedding in a sculptured ribbon topper made by London milliner Philip Treacy, a native of Ireland who trimmed the tops of dozens of guests at the wedding including Victoria Beckham, Zara Phillips and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

But when the hat-crowned Beatrice and her sister Princess Eugenie, 21, emerged from their ride, one comparison rang clear: The evil ‘Cinderella’ stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella had arrived.

‘She paired that disgusting hat with HORRIBLE make-up! The racoon eyes have to go! Not a fan of Eugenia’s dress either! I’m sure these girls can consult a stylist, but maybe they should start with a mirror!’ wrote Tara Noe Armstrong.

‘Later she sets the hoop on her hat on fire and has little tigers jump through it for the amusement of the guests at the reception,’ added Colleen Fagan.

‘I am a fan of Philip Treacy and I loves me some crazy hats ... but Princess Beatrice’s hat wasn’t the best choice for a wedding -- anyone’s wedding. Anything THAT high shouldn’t be that solid. It is reminiscent of overdone fondant icing -- only beige. Ew...Anyway, I do respect Bea for recycling and wearing her grandma’s 1961 theatre coat. {*stifled giggles*},’ mused Richard Ian Tracy.

Rough -- but not as rough on the hat as the hat was on the eyes. What’d you think of Bea’s headgear? Hot or hot mess? Tell us in comments.

[Updated, 3:30 p.m. April 29, 2011: At 3 p.m. PDT Friday, just 12 hours after the royal wedding ceremony began, the Beatrice-hat Facebook page had reached more than 35,000 likes and counting. Our MOG readers had quite a few pithy words to add to the conversation as well. Here’s a sampling; check out comments to see them all, or add your own.

J Crowley: Pretty sure that thing’s a Stargate

shirley zager: She looks like a raccoon that mated with an octopus.

EC Hudson: It wasn’t any more ridiculous that anyone else’s hat - and it could double as a fun wedding reception game (toss a canape thru the loop).


John: I am currently at the eye doctor hoping he can restore my sight since I was blinded by Beatrice’s bloody hat !!!!

lynn Roberts: Do they live in a house without mirrors?

Rick Baker: Those Brits like them some crazy hats, which actually is kind of unique and cool but that thing looks like the hood ornament on Santa’s sleigh.

Sylvia Ubych: I thought she was a dear but when I saw the hat I thought she was more like a deer!]

[For the record, 5:32 p.m. April 29: This post originally referred to Philip Treacy as a British milliner. Though Treacy operates out of London, he was born in Ireland. Thanks to commenter @carl for flagging the gaffe.]



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