Royal wedding: Trafalgar Square crowd in love with Prince William and Kate


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In a packed Trafalgar Square for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Angela Cavalieri of Minnesota was wild with excitement on Friday.

‘Where else would you want to be in the world?’ the 31-year-old medical student cried. ‘I love the whole historical scene, the happily-ever-after romance.’

Her ‘gal pal,’ 28-year-old hairstylist Haly Wildson, has a British boyfriend and is moving to London. ‘We love the whole royal scene,’ she said. ‘We don’t have this back home, there’s no wedding that would be like this. ... I think Kate and William keep the whole romance of the royal family going.’


Trafalgar Square was packed since early morning with a huge flag-waving crowd and street sellers of souvenir programs, flags and memorabilia. Two giant screens beamed the proceedings to the crowd.
Police barriers kept roads and crowds segregated, making it impossible to move from one area to another.

With the huge square filled to capacity, a sea of flags and even more crowds were just visible from Trafalgar down the lower part of Whitehall and past Downing Street.

Tuan Nguyan, 25, a media student from Vietnam, says he loves the royals. He and six or seven fellow students were thrilled to be waving flags in the square. ‘We love the royal family, we love the crowd here,’ he said.

Sitting on the ground in the front row before one of the giant screens in the square, Catherine Fraser from Leicester in central England said she thought Kate ‘comes across as similar to Lady Di in that she’s beautiful and people love her, she also brings an emotional strength to the marriage.

‘I think there’s a strength about how they will handle their life,’ Fraser said. Unlike Prince Charles and Princess Diana, whose marriage ‘appeared almost as if it was arranged ... they’ve known each other for a long time and are more mature.’

Royal Air Force stewardess Diane Guerin was marking her 30th birthday. ‘It’s a historical day -- and this is the best way to celebrate.’


Local government employee Barbara Drayton, 66, ‘loves weddings,’ she said. ‘I came for Charles and Diana and had to be here for this one. I think these two are better suited than Charles and Diana , more mature, they’ve known each other longer and are better suiited.’

While Drayton was on her second royal wedding, others were new to the real-life celebration.

‘My daughter brought me here,’ said delighted New Hampshire social worker Harriet Resnicoff, 71. ‘I watched Charles and Diana on TV, but we decided to see this wedding in person this time.’

Said her daughter Susan Resnicoff, 42, who works in marketing in San Francisco: ‘I think Kate is a delight. I think both of them bring a love and feeling to a royal marriage. They bring a glow and a sparkle to the royal family.’

Mom agreed: ‘I love how they interact with each other,’ she said. ‘They’re very human.’

-- Janet Stobart, reporting from London


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From a packed trafalgar square Angela Cavalerf 31 yearold medical assistant from Minnesota is wild with excitmenet - ‘Wheree else would you want to be in the world? ‘ she cries, I love the whole historical scene, thhe happily ever after romance.’
Her ‘gal pall’ Haly Wildson 28 hairstylist has a British boyfriend and now movving to London ‘We love the whole royual scene ...we don’t have this back home, there’s no wedding that would be like this....I think Kate and William keep the whole romance of the Royal family going.’