Kristin Chenoweth, Christian backlash: ‘GCB’s’ gay lover speaks

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‘GCB,’ ABC’s midseason Southern sass-fest starring Kristin Chenoweth, just got a little bit better thanks to the introduction of some much-needed beefcake in the form of Denton Everett.

Between the Botoxed socialites of Dallas and the show’s real-life political backlash, viewers may have missed Sunday’s introduction of a juicy storyline involving closeted husband Blake Reilly (Mark Deklin) and his very handy ranch foreman Booth Becker, played by the delicious Everett.


The Ministry caught up with Everett (above, in all his ‘Brokeback’ glory) to discuss the series’ detractors, show star Chenoweth and the potential for forthcoming man lovin’.

Ministry of Gossip: ‘GCB’ has generated plenty of controversy from the pilot alone. Tell us about landing the part of Booth Becker, Blake Reilly’s ranch-dwelling lover?

Denton Everett: I read four times before landing Booth, driving back and forth from Oklahoma City and Dallas, where we shot the pilot. What’s funny is that when we got picked up after shooting the pilot, they’d never seen me without a shirt. So thankfully I kept in shape.

MoG: Thankfully, yes, you made quite an impression in Sunday’s episode. How do you feel about the content of the show and its mixed reaction?

DE: I grew up in the church in the South, and for me it’s dead on. I wish ABC could’ve kept the full name, ‘Good Christian Bitches.’ But I’m not here to preach to anybody, for me it’s just a job. I know a lot of wind has been blown about the show, but it’s like Kristin Chenoweth says, sometimes it’s OK to laugh with it, not at it.

MoG: It’s even drawn ire from people like Newt Gingrich.

DE: For people who react that way, y’all don’t even know what the show’s about! People who take the time ... to complain, it changes nothing. I mean, you’re running for office. I think there’s bigger issues to deal with. And let’s be honest, it just helps the show’s ratings.

MoG: At the end of the second episode [SPOILER ALERT], we find out that Booth and Blake have parted ways after a three-year affair. Is there a chance you’ll be back, and that we’ll see some action?

DE: I’m hoping! I don’t know that this is the last we’ve seen of Booth Becker. And Mark is great. We were on a TV show called ‘Lonestar’ together but never actually had a scene. My niece loves him and ... when we met on the pilot, I thought, ‘Damn those eyes are blue.’ He’s as nice as he is good looking.

MoG: So you’re game for Booth and Blake to throw down?

DE: I could kiss uglier people, I’ll tell you that.


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Top photo: A steamy screengrab of Denton Everett as Booth Becker on ‘GCB.’ Credit: ABC

Left photo: A closer look at ‘GCB’'s resident gay lover. Credit: Todd Farr