Charlie Sheen: Where has all the crazy gone?

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Charlie Sheen, where have you gone? No, not Charlie Sheen the person; we’re talking about Charlie Sheen the phenomenon.

Sheen’s been doing the rounds to promote ‘Anger Management,’ his new FX sitcom, and he’s been doing it with a degree of decorum that’s pretty much no fun at all, compared with his winning warlock presentations that ran through the early part of last year. It was early last March, in fact, when he lost what was then the highest-paying gig on TV, lead actor in ‘Two and a Half Men.’

These days he’s acting like a grown-up, though he did note to Matt Lauer on ‘Today’ on Thursday that ‘looking like a real insane wordsmith was fine.’ (Maybe because he wasn’t on the outside looking in?)

He’s doing rather kind parodies of himself in an ad for Fiat, and in a ‘commercial’ with Jimmy Fallon (see it below) in which he’s been cloned, and gets confused about taking a call from an old friend -- and is even confused about which version of himself is the real one.

‘At the end of that whole episode I thought, ‘Oh crap, what have I done,’ he told Wendy Williams on Friday. Fortunately, he found a ‘very forgiving fan base’ (not to mention forgiving studio execs, which Williams did bring up).


Of his fans, Sheen said, ‘They know that I’m a guy that just deals with the truth and admits when I’m wrong.

‘And that situation’ -- his firing -- ‘was something where I wasn’t wrong.’ OK, so, maybe there’s some of the old fighting Sheen left in there.

‘No one seems to want to remember,’ Sheen told People. ‘They all talk about ‘tiger blood’ and ‘winning’ and everything. But no one talks about what I was so upset about.’

Oh, we remember, Charlie, we remember. So tell us -- are we the only ones who miss Meltdown Sheen?


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