Did Oregon woman leave son to join killing rampage?

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Most of the news in the last week about the white supremacist pair accused of a killing rampage through Washington, Oregon and California has been about David Pedersen, the 31-year-old ex-convict with Nazi tattoos whose father and stepmother died in the first of the attacks.

The last few days, though, have been filled with new revelations about Holly Ann Grigsby, the 24-year-old Portland woman suspected along with Pedersen in four killings. In addition to Pedersen’s parents, the two others killed were an African American man near Eureka, Calif., and a 19-year-old Oregon youth shot to death on his way to the Newport Jazz Festival.


Grigsby, it turns out, had left her husband and 2 1/2-year-old son behind in Oregon to join Pedersen in what she said started as an ordinary road trip and became an attempt to restore the white culture.

In separate news interviews and police confessions, Grigsby and Pedersen have said they killed Pedersen’s father in Everett, Wash., because they believed he had molested Pedersen’s sister when she was a child; Grigsby told police she stabbed Pedersen’s wife to death because she had known about the molestation years before and done nothing.

‘I see our race being wiped out and that we need to take direct action or we will be dead. ... The Zionists are taking over and brainwashing without anybody knowing it,’ Grigsby said in an interview with the Appeal-Democrat in Marysville, Calif.

‘I don’t believe it did a whole lot, killing a child molester and a Negro. It is not going to accomplish what I want it to, but maybe it ignites a spark in somebody’s eyes ... that this world will carry on what we have started,’ she said. ‘This is what I was born to do.’

Over the last few days, Grigsby’s estranged husband, Dan Larson, has appeared on television in Portland, Ore., the couple’s toddler balanced on his arm, talking about how Grigsby met Pedersen after he finished a 15-year prison term in June and decided to run off with him, leaving Larson and their child behind.

‘She’s not fighting no war. I think she chose to commit suicide in a very warped way,’ Larson told KPTV television in Portland. ‘You know she’s putting everybody through hell. So why doesn’t she quietly go to her own hell?’


Grigsby had served time in prison for identity theft and other charges, and had given birth to her son behind bars. After her release, she had kicked a heroin habit and gone to work and vowed she was going to make good, according to news reports in Oregon.

But Larson told reporters she left everything over Labor Day weekend, about three months after meeting Pedersen, an amateur cage fighter.

Pedersen and Grigsby appear to have shared a white supremacist philosophy. On her Facebook page, the Oregonian reported, Grigsby called her son her ‘little Aryan warrior.’ Pedersen’s tattoos include a swastika, a ‘Supreme White Power’ emblem and a face resembling Adolf Hitler’s.

‘She sure painted me a really happy picture of those two lives they were going to have,’ Larson said in an interview with the Oregonian.

Grigsby told the Appeal-Democrat it had been her intention after the Everett killings to go back to Oregon, kidnap her son, and ‘take care of’ her husband, a statement that has been interpreted to have had ominous undertones.

But Larson apparently scoffed when he heard about it. Grigsby did show up to pick up her clothes, he said, while Pedersen waited for her outside.


‘It just really blows me away that she’s going there. Because she did stop by the house. Her and I, and Danny in the front room, went upstairs to our bedroom and she had plenty opportunity to take care of me as she puts it,’ he told KPTV.

‘I just asked her, ‘Are you going to stay to visit your son?’ and she said, ‘No, got to go, got to go,’ ‘ he said. ‘She chose some guy over her own son. Personally you should have stayed home and took care of your son if you were that worried about him.’


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