Opinion: Ron Paul statement on the Bill Johnson campaign, and more


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Since I’m the resident thought-tormented Ron Paul fan on staff, I’ve taken a special interest in the Paul supporters who are objecting to the attention we’ve paid to the white-supremacist past of Paul-connected judicial candidate Bill Johnson.

Thanks, everybody, for commenting. Some clarifications are in order:


Commenter ‘Tracey,’ declares that Johnson is not the author of the so-called Pace Amendment. This is incorrect. Johnson confirmed in a phone call with our own Robert Greene that he is indeed the author of the Pace amendment and of the ‘James O. Pace’ book Amendment to the Constitution.

Commenter ‘blakmira’ calls us ‘lower than scum’ for the ‘smear’ on Paul in our editorial about the Johnson campaign, which noted that Johnson had affiliated himself with the Paul-for-president campaign; apparently our mentioning that was clear evidence of counter-rEVOLutionary tendencies. In any event, Paul himself appears to be taking the matter seriously enough that he has renounced his end of the affiliation. Here is an email we just received from Paul’s congressional chief of staff Tom Lizardo:

Over the past several weeks, I have also been involved in assisting Dr Paul with the consideration of candidates who are seeking his endorsement for their campaigns. We have gone through the process of setting up a method by which candidates are to be considered for such endorsements. During that period, we have also received and reviewed requests from dozens of candidates. Although Bill Johnson’s name ended up on the endorsement list, he did not go through this process. In light of this fact, and in light of the revelations regarding his past statements and associations, Dr Paul has retracted the endorsement and hopes that, in the future, the process that has been put into place will mitigate the likelihood of similar errors.

Several commenters claim that they know Bill Johnson and he couldn’t possibly be a racist. We make no judgments on what Johnson believes in his heart, only on what he has publicly advocated. But Paul, whose attentiveness to such matters has not always been impressive, deserves credit for taking quick action in this case. The claim by another commenter that Johnson is part Japanese is also incorrect, though Johnson does speak fluent Japanese as a by-product of his LDS mission in the land of the Rising Sun. We can confirm that ‘Turning Japanese’ by the Vapours remains one of the finest works of rock orientalism ever recorded.

Finally, a commenter at claims that our staffer is the same Robert Greene who writes self-help books on ‘How to crush your competitor,’ ‘How to secure the corner office,’ ‘How to take over your supervisor’s position’ and ‘The 48 Laws of Power.’ I can confirm that Greene is not that person and that if he ever wrote a self-help book it would be about how you can become a better person by scrupulously reading the fine print of voter information packets in obscure municipal elections. Nor is he the Robert Greene who denounced Shakespeare in his ‘Greene’s Groatsworth of Wit, bought with a million of Repentaunce.’ Moreover, Robert Greene confirms that he is a Stratfordian in good standing, though if pressed he would put Pericles, Prince of Tyre in the ‘disputed authorship’ category.

Hope that clears things up.