Opinion: That New Yorker cartoon: The Times tells Obama to get over it


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The ed board weighed in today on the New Yorker’s magazine cover — and in one of those rare moments, seems to agree with conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, who told the candidate to ‘grow a pair.’ From the editorial:

Let’s be frank. People sophisticated enough to read, say, newspaper editorials are smart enough to know that the New Yorker’s cover art this week — portraying Barack Obama as a be-turbaned Muslim and wife Michelle as an Afro-sporting terrorist with an AK-47 across her back — is a work of satire. But what about the millions of dumb Americans who will think otherwise?Obama’s campaign is deeply worried about the legions of morons who they apparently believe make up the heart of this great nation.


But, as Swati Pandey pointed out in yesterday’s round-up, not everyone agrees that the cartoon actually works as satire. Here’s Pandagon’s Jesse Taylor:

... it’s like holding a satirized Klan rally by holding a Klan rally...with a laser show that makes a three-story image of a burning cross. A bigger, badder, better version of the thing you’re attempting to mock doesn’t constitute mockery, it just constitutes a gaudier version of the thing you’re addressing.

What do you think?

-- Amina Khan