Opinion: Lady Rothschild thinks Obama is elitist


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Insanely rich Lynn Forester de Rothschild, an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter who has endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin, could have spared herself the ridicule coming her way today if she hadn’t said she thinks Barack Obama is ‘an elitist.’ The differences between the Republican and Democratic candidates are significant, and she could have singled out any number of meaningful positions to explain her move to McCain’s side. But elitist?

Very, very few people occupy that truly elite niche of wealth, power and privilege that enfolds the family Rothschild. And giving Lady Rothschild her due, she was a fabulously wealthy lawyer and entrepreneur who made $100 million on her own before she married her fabulously wealthy husband (and honeymooned at the White House with Hillary and Bill).


Here’s where the Rothschild’s kick back and connect with the little people. It’s their spread in Buckinghamshire.

A separate point of hypocrisy is Lady Forester de Rothschild’s abandonment of economic theories she held during the Democratic primary. In support of Clinton’s candidacy she told Portfolio: ‘What is in the interest of all Americans? I think if history is our guide, we’ve had stronger economies, more wealth creation under Democratic presidents than Republican presidents. So I don’t understand why all my capitalist friends aren’t Democrats.’

Maybe Milady, who was born in New Jersey, has spent too much time in England. She probably meant to say that Obama is uppity, not elitist. That’s got to be it.

The photo of Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild was taken by Shawn Thew/EPA. The photo of Ascott House is courtesy of Wikipedia.