Opinion: Here’s My ‘'October Surprise’’ Prediction -- What’s Yours?

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We’ll just have to rename the ‘October Surprise.’ We’ve had so many surprises sprung on us, starting with the August Surprise of the Sarah Palin nomination, what could astonish us any more?

Big drop in gas prices just before the election? Been there, done that. Sudden administration announcement about a new terrorist threat right before we vote? Where’s the surprise in that?


Even a Palin family wedding before November 4 -- the one Palin event where the press will be welcomed with open arms -- is a no-brainer.

Where’s the element of surprise in a campaign that, as Tina Fey has shown us on SNL, defies parody?

What are your predictions about the inevitable ‘'October Surprise’’?

Here’s one of mine: In the final debate, McCain will have his big penitential moment. He’ll confess his sin -- his hunger to become President -- and apologize for the terrible things his ambition has made him do.

And he’ll say that it no longer matters to him whether he wins or loses, just so long as he reclaims his soul, and that’s what he prays that ‘'Warshington’’ will do too, for the sake of America.

And swing voters will eat it up and vote for him, because who better to be President than a man who says he doesn’t want to be President?

So. What’s your ‘'October Surprise’’?