Opinion: May 20 buzz: Environmentalists could present Obama with a judgment day of a different sort


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In response to President Obamas latest environmentally unfriendly moves, the editorial board writes...


Shortly after his party’s ‘shellacking’ in the midterm election, President Obama ordered government agencies to ensure that new regulations took economic growth into consideration and that old ones be revoked if they ‘stifle job creation or make our economy less competitive.’ Five months later, it’s becoming pretty clear what he meant: The environment and public health will be thrown under a bus for the sake of his reelection in 2012.

... and warns:

Here’s an argument Obama and his political advisors might grasp: It’s possible for a president to so alienate his base that it fails to show up on election day. Something to keep in mind before November 2012 rolls around.

Here’s the tone on our discussion board:

I certainly hope the environmentalists do not show up in 2012 elections. They have done so much damage to the economy of this country over the last 30 years. The author really is not a reporter but a shill for the environmental groups. California ranks last in business climate due in part to the environmental rules and reg’s in place. I am not talking about auto’s but businesses. I promise you Obama will go back to kissing the environmental movements butt in 2013 if re-elected. --rossandsheila More damage than the bankers and the big companies that want to be able to do anything they want? Do you really enjoy brown air and polluted water that much? How about unsafe cars? --pj.evans88

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--Alexandra Le Tellier