Opinion: Does Sarah Palin warrant the media coverage she gets?


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Sarah Palin continues to be the talk of the town, but as Op-Ed contributor Michael Carey put it, the media are to blame for making Palin and her recently released emails the McGuffin of national politics. And the content of those 24,000 pages didn’t exactly unearth anything we didn’t already know: Palin was an average governor in many respects until John McCain brought her into the national spotlight on the presidential ticket.

Here’s an excerpt from his Op-Ed article:


‘What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out,’ Hitchcock once said. Even with the attentive redaction of Palin’s emails, there are hundreds of pages of dull bits.It may be shocking, but as governor of Alaska, Palin spent a lot of time trying to do the job she had been elected to do, surrounded by people who sometimes agreed with her, sometimes not. This is not the banality of evil; it’s the reality of governing.

Readers are divided between hating Palin for leaving her position as governor of Alaska and hating the media for conducting an inquisition in her inbox rather than turning the spotlight on President Obama and what he should be accomplishing with his term. Here are their thoughts on Palin and whether she warrants the media coverage she gets. You’ll notice that they too are spending time talking about Palin.

What is so shocking? She is not the person neither side paints her to be? There was no smoking gun of corruption or other misconduct? What was shocking was the demand for release of these emails when there was no basis therefore beyond a witch hunt (please spare us the trivialities of ‘Troopergate’), and the same people making the demand made no similar demands of Vice-Presidential candidate and known plagiarizer Senator Biden. The bottom line with Sarah Palin is that what you see is what you get. I don’t find her to be of presidential caliber, but she is not the incarnation of evil many in the media make her to be, and efforts to do so are a waste --TimBowman She did a better job running Alaska than Obozo is doing ruining the U.S. --StephenJ.Smith Twenty-four thousand pages of email voyeurism reveal a politician who has successfully hidden her virtues behind closed blinds. As Alaska governor, Palin was kind to her staff, responsive to her constituents and protective of her state. She sought God’s guidance in difficult decisions, made time for her family and found media questions on the provenance of her youngest child to be ‘flippin’ unbelievable.’ Heaven forbid. --joinamerica There is only one reason why this woman is always in the news. She is a product of the Hollywood Liberals to muddy the Republican’s chance of winning next election. The media portrays her as annoying whenever the Republicans has a chance of winning. Now she is being touted as someone ‘ great in her job ‘ so she can run again next elections. Her daughter was in Dancing with the Stars and the media helped Bristol in dismissing that baby daddy as a total scumbag. Republicans, let’s not get tricked into this circus, we have to get our country back from these circus makers. --Travol She did her job for 1/2 term in office. She stalled for years turning over emails that were obviously cleaned up before they were turned over to the press. She spent much of her 1/2 term campaigning for V.P. with Sen. McCain, so I guess she must have telecommuted to work? She abused her power in office to get a State trooper fired who was divorcing her sister. Now what was your point? -- HotRod The liberal media should spend their time investigating Obama and asking him pertinent questions like, why are you bombing Libya, why did you sell guns to Mexican drug lords, why did you spend $3 trillion dollars on ‘stimulus’ yet created no new jobs? But no, they think it’s more important to rummage through Palin’s trash. Incredible. -- jjmart

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