Beatles catalog on iTunes: Let’s do the ’15 Meme’ for the Fabs!

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The Beatles catalog coming to iTunes may not save anybody real money -- as one astute blogger tweeted, Amazon is selling the beautiful ‘Beatles Stereo Box Set’ for twenty bucks cheaper than Apple’s download version -- and whether a rush of Fab fan purchases will knock ‘Glee’ and Taylor off the top of the service’s charts remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain: Fab Four fans, from the original Beatlemaniacs to their ‘Across the Universe‘-converted grandkids, can now access Beatles music more quickly than ever before.

Which says to me: Internet meme! Finally, John, Paul, George and Ringo can vie with LOLCats and that kid who went to the dentist as a source of wasted time, lifted spirits and social-media conviviality.


I never do those ‘15’ lists my Facebook friends post -- you know the ones that ask you to not think too hard, and just list the top films-albums-books-china pattern that have shaped your identity? I hate lists! No one can reduce me to a number! And yet ... somehow today such impromptu classifications seem appropriate.

So without further ‘Love Me Do,’ you’ll find my 15 Beatles songs meme after the jump.

1. ‘Love You To’: Dunno why George’s first major dip into raga rock was the one that popped into my head when I heard the iTunes news. Guess I just woke up mystical this morning.

2. ‘Drive My Car’: Then I thought we should have a little fun. Features one of my favorite Beatles-generated imaginary girls.

3. ‘I Will’: I had to sing this one in the waiting room today as my 6-year-old and I waited for her pediatrician. A sentimental Mommy-and-me favorite.

4. ‘Octopus’s Garden’: It never takes too long for Ringo to sneak into my thoughts.

5. ‘She’s Leaving Home’: Paul says it was based on a true story. I have a thing for the songwriterly tradition of mythologizing women who disappear.


6: ‘Strawberry Fields’: Hmm, my mystical/trippy mood seems to be lasting into lunchtime.

7. ‘Norwegian Wood’: OK, now this might really be my favorite Beatles song. This one is such a little novel that Haruki Murakami actually turned it into one.

8. ‘Yesterday’: When I was a kid, I couldn’t stand to hear anyone but Paul sing this song. My brother would torment me by singing it off-tune during dinner. Now I can just put on my headphones and ignore him.

9. ‘Money’: I admit I fell in love with the Flying Lizards’ version first.

10. ‘Girl’: Just for the way John sucks in his breath on the chorus.

11. ‘Rocky Raccoon’: I see Warren Beatty trudging through the snow in ‘McCabe & Mrs. Miller’ when I think of this song. Even though that movie isn’t nearly as funny.

12. ‘For No One’: Three-hankie break.

13. ‘Please Please Me’: One of the most honest songs about wanting sex that pop music has given us.

14. ‘Boys’: There isn’t enough Ringo on this list.

15. ‘Something’: Sinatra said it was one of the greatest love songs ever written. That’s good enough for me!


Now it’s your turn: What 15 Beatles songs would make your first iTunes download list?

-- Ann Powers