‘Kid Nation’: DK, Taylor and the Robbers Cave

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One of the most sensible kids, DK, was the star this week. His frustration at the kids being ... kids was palpable, and enough to make him say that’s it. Luckily, new council member Guylan’s little-brother shtick was enough to make him stay, and then be rewarded with the gold star. As one reviewer put it, ‘whether you’re a sinner (Taylor) or a saint (Morgan), everybody loves DK.’

‘Bonanza Is Disgusting’ is the title of this week’s episode. And though it was green through and through, one little girl continues to pollute the city.

Guylan and Zach got their first taste of leadership, and everyone got their first full glimpse of the evil that is a powerless Taylor. A bit strong to say for a kid, you say? Maybe, but the mischief that she creates disrupts the entire town. Even her running mate, Leila, changed her mind and became a team player (for a while). They tried to punish her, but that didn’t work. Such a brat .

On to the challenge ...

A live pork-and-bean challenge. After wading through pigs, red takes the upper-class spot and the group chooses veggies over dune buggies! They’ve made the sensible choice for each win so far. Despite Colton calling them boring, the level heads seem to prevail.


And lest you think ‘Kid Nation’ is the first social experiment of its kind, think again. The Robbers Cave experiment (I love that name) was over 50 years ago ... and it was real. Said the researchers:

‘In the summer of 1954, 22 fifth-grade boys were taken out to a campground at Robbers Cave State Park, Oklahoma.... Ostensibly it was an unremarkable summer camp.... What they had really done for two and a half weeks was unwittingly take part in an elaborate and fascinating psychological experiment.’

And, since there are still so many kids that have not gotten a spotlight yet, take a look at the bio for 13-year-old Natasha. She’d like to switch places with Nicole Hilton.

This week’s criticism:

‘A law against child actors? Perish the thought ... Hail, hail, CBS. The new Cuba.’ -- Chicago Sun-Times. Come on, now.

‘Kid Nation’ treats children as mere lab rats chasing money...’ -- Lab rats? Do you honestly believe these kids wouldn’t do this for free? Even if only to be on TV?

‘Lack of viewer interest is not the kids’ fault. They really are fascinating...’ -- The Philadelphia Inquirer. That’s right. Now that the controversy is gone, folks have moved on to Britney Spears and Ellen’s puppy.

Quote of the week: ‘Taylor’s not taking losing well. I don’t think she ever will.’ -- Zach

Watch your back, Zach. Beauty queens scratch deep.

Photo: CBS

-- Jevon Phillips