‘The Office’ preview: Will Angela choose Dwight or Andy?


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When we last saw the dysfunctional love triangle that is Andy, Angela and Dwight on “The Office,” Angela had rejected Dwight’s me-or-him ultimatum, ignoring his 6:14 p.m. deadline to choose him over Andy.

But actors Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey, who play currently engaged couple Andy and Angela, reveal that perhaps the decision wasn’t final, and things are about to get a lot more “complicated” as we head into tonight’s episode, the beginning of the show’s run at November sweeps.


The pair spoke to reporters Thursday morning about where it’s all going. Sort of:

The documentary crew asked already, but I’ll ask again: How does Angela Martin sleep at night?

Angela: She’s wired pretty tight right now. She definitely doesn’t want to sleep next to Andy. I think she tosses and turns quite a bit.
Ed: Actually, I think Angela’s childhood was probably pretty disturbing. She’s found a lot of coping mechanisms. She’s able to sleep through a hell of a lot.
Angela: She doesn’t speak to her sister, we find out she used to be in little girl pageants. There are definitely some issues there.

Is Angela pregnant with Dwight’s baby and are they going they going to have a shotgun wedding?

Angela: Wouldn’t you like to know? Wouldn’t it be funny if I had to be pregnant since I was just pregnant for real? I can’t answer your question! I can tell you this: Things get complicated really quickly in the next few episodes.
Ed: You can’t just ask for blatant spoilers.
It’s like Fort Knox over there!

What do you think of Angela and Andy together?

Ed: What they have is largely horrifying, but they’re real in some ways. Who they are dovetails together perfectly. Angela being so demanding and Andy being so accommodating. It’s not healthy but it works.

It’s not uncommon for actors to get scolded by fans for things that their characters do. Angela, have you gotten any grief for what Angela’s done to Dwight?

Angela: I had this woman come up to me and asked me to take a picture with her friend because she was too scared to approach me because she was afraid I was like my character. It’s an occupational hazard for me to wear a frown now. My poor dad is being put threw the ringer. He’ll go, ‘Are you serious, man?’ because his daughter is, like, I don’t know, the office skank.
Ed: The hardest part for me is justifying Andy’s affection for Angela. My dad asked me recently, ‘Why are you with that woman?’

What are the pros and cons of each guy?

Angela: There is part of Angela that wants to do what’s [acceptable.] With Dwight, she has this crazy chemistry that doesn’t fit into her life plans. Andy has enthusiasm and wants to plan this perfect wedding and is so accommodating. But Dwight challenges her. They fight more, but maybe she’s more exhilarated by that?
Ed: It’s the Madonna-whore thing in reverse. Dwight is your dirty guy and I’m…
Angela: Clean-cut.

Is Angela working on a plan to wrest back control of the party planning committee from Phyllis?

Angela: Oh, you know it! I mean, not that the writers have told me but I think she’s always got her eye out on everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a file on everyone, waiting....

If and when Andy finds out about Dwight and Angela’s affair, do you think his anger issues will resurface?

Ed: I feel like this is a dangerous area for me to get into [in terms of spoilers]. In broad terms, I think that Andy’s anger issues, I like to think they’re very much there. But he’s got to have learned a lot of coping mechanisms. There may be, like, a metaphorical punching bag -- or a literal one -- in his garage that allows him to stay a little more centered.

If it was up to the two of you, where would the relationship go?

Angela: I don’t know. There is so much that’s going to unfold in the next episodes that’s been so amazing to play.
Ed: I don’t mean to dodge the question but we share in the excitement and the anticipation of what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of trust and admiration that we have for the writers. I suppose if you were going to hold a gun to my head it might be fun to see Andy get a job at NASA and take Angela into space as a space wife.

‘The Office’ airs tonight at 9 p.m.

-- Denise Martin