‘Gossip Girl’: Death becomes him

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It’s official: Bart Bass, the cold, loveless real estate tycoon whose idea of emotion is an eyebrow raise, is the unlucky soul to bite the dust on ‘Gossip Girl.’ The signs pointed to Bart -- the introduction of his secret incriminating dossiers, Lily’s growing distrust and disdain for him, the news that Desmond Harrington (of ‘Dexter’ fame) will appear on the show as Bart’s brother Jack. I can’t say I’m sad to see Bart go. His death opens up the potential for big, juicy plotlines that involve just about everybody -- it’ll be good for the show!

But back to tonight’s episode. It resembled those complex diagrams magazines concoct to denote who’s dated whom in Hollywood. Serena used to date Dan but is now dating Aaron, whose ex-girlfriend Lexie is now interested in Dan. Vanessa is still in love with Nate, whom she lied to in order to deflect his feelings for Jenny, one of Vanessa’s close friends. Lily, who’s married to Chuck’s dad Bart, wants to leave her husband and run into the arms of Rufus, her first and greatest love. Still with me?

The point is that with so many tangled webs being spun, expectations are high. The show has already earned points for killing a unifying character that will send the lives of Chuck, Lily, Serena, Eric and Rufus into a tailspin. How will it deal with the rest?

I am close to surrendering to the idea of Nate and Vanessa. They still bore me and adding Little J into the mix doesn’t help. Jenny, Vanessa and Nate don’t have the emotional history that Nate, Blair and Serena had (or that Vanessa, Dan and Serena had), so their particular love triangle doesn’t pack the same oomph. It seems the writers can’t let this story go, so I will grit my teeth and bear it. If we are forced to accept this triangle, I hope Jenny has something other than a see-through dress up her sleeves. Girls, please leave the scheming to Blair.


The couple I’ve advocated since the beginning is Dan and Serena, because even as they attempt to move on, they have an onscreen connection that will always suggest they’re meant for each other (it really is no wonder these two are dating offscreen). Serena’s jealousy over Dan and Lexie was more palpable. She looked truly concerned that Dan’s romantic ideals of sex (and of his first time with her) would be tarnished by a girl who ‘extends herself’ so easily. Dan, on the other hand, just looked grateful to be considered.

The Chuck and Blair Show wasn’t thrilling as usual. The bet they made was petty, but it did produce some funnies, such as the thought of Dorota serving Chuck and the doppelgangers they choose to be the other’s date. With Chuck heading into the greatest crisis of his life, it’ll be a prime time for Blair to step up for him. But will she?

What do you think will happen after Bart’s death? Will Nate and Vanessa last? Will Serena and Dan ever truly get over each other and be just friends?


-- Enid Portuguez