Britney Spears on ‘Good Morning America’: Voices from around the Web


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Britney Spears’ much-anticipated appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ today celebrated both her upcoming tour and her 27th birthday. Now, a few hours later, the critics have spoken. The consensus? Great abs, heinous performance.

“...why can’t she sing and dance at the same time? It’s like those slow stomping moves would have caused her to be out of breath.


Maybe Britney is just not a morning person?”

(Elizabeth Snead, The Dish Rag,

‘In Britney: On the Record, Brit talked about how performing is the one thing that makes her happy, but it certainly doesn’t seem that way. Gyrating around with circus freaks, her unhappiness is even more palpable. On the upside, her kids were in the second row of the audience and they were wearing adorable hats. Clip above.’


’'I’m partial to the ‘spontaneous’ tossing of popcorn at 1:39. And wait around for Hugh Jackman’s awkward happy-birthday serenade via satellite, plus a glimpse of the dumbest person in history, who ‘sold her rent money’ to see Britney ‘sing.’ ‘

(, PopWatch)

’...there was no evidence of live performance in there somewhere from anyone on stage, not a single musician or piece of sound equipment visible, aside from her headset microphone that she kept adjusting (Britney, stop worrying! It’s not on!)…

I don’t want to be too rough on the girl and we can’t expect too much from our overhyped pop stars. But singing and dancing are two things we can require.’

(Roger Catlin, TV Eye,

“Spears’ performance on ‘Good Morning America’ was vapid and lackluster and more amusing than astounding watching the former musical heavyweight dancing in an unflattering leather outfit surrounded by circus clowns. The overall impression was more of Spears being just another circus freak, rather than the ringmaster of the show.’

(Ann Turner,

“What Britney lacked in dance moves on ‘Good Morning America,’ she definitely made up for in the ab department. Spears brought her now infamous ‘Womanizer’ strutting/arm-flailing routine to a new song, ‘Circus’ but her stomach made for quite the distraction.”


“Was anybody else as underwhelmed by this as us????...

Her performance of ‘Circus’ seemed lethargic. Lacking confidence. And with way too much walking! She didn’t even walk well!”


‘Once again though it appeared as though there wasn’t much ‘live’ singing going on, and her dancing was, according to reports, not on point –- give the girl a break, it’s her birthday!’


How did it come to this? Read Denise Martin’s assessment of Spears’ tragic attempt at a ‘comeback.’

-- Compiled by Stephanie Lysaght