‘Heroes’: Sylar’s back! Watch your heads ...

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Despite Arthur Petrelli’s menace this season, Sylar finally reasserted himself as ‘Heroes’ ’ villain supreme in the ‘Our Father’ episode. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bloody victims, one crispy Elle and a scared elevator operator whose fate remains uncertain are left in the killer’s wake. That’ll teach you to bust into your co-worker’s closed-door office with a birthday surprise.

When Sylar stalks, everything just seems warm and cozy. Matt is trying to figure things out, Hiro is on a personal quest, Claire is trying to help, Mohinder’s on the wrong side of things, and it’s all swirling around the tempestuous Petrelli family. Feels familiar, and feels right. But obviously, with the villains theme coming to an end next week, things may be shaken up again.

Sylar. Takes out two popular characters in a single bound, er, episode. Well, Elle was a goner at the end of the last episode, but we weren’t quite sure until Gabriel began dousing her with lighter fluid. That’s usually a sign. Poor office-drone Susan could definitely sense the truth of Sylar’s intentions as he burrowed through her brow. He’s back to his old ways -- which could be considered worse now that he’s figured out that he can get others’ powers without killing them if he wants to. He finally confirmed his full return as he held the bullet in place in midair that was meant for Arthur Petrelli. ‘You’re not a killer Peter, but I am.’ And so endeth the reign of Arthur Petrelli. A haiku to mark Arthur’s passing:

A bullet in air // A father and sons’ duel lost // Don’t mess with Sylar


Hiro and Claire. I like waffles too, Hiro. I digress. We were able to witness defining moments in Hiro’s and Claire’s lives as he took the cheerleader back 16 years in the past. Hiro’s resolve to be a hero is only strengthened by the quick reunion with his mother and her healing kiss. The knowledge that he helped hasten her death by becoming ‘the catalyst’ might be a little haunting, though. Arthur Petrelli showing up in the past and taking the power given to him by his mom? Just another tribulation that will harden Hiro. No more 10-year-old antics, at least once he gets off the flagpole. Claire, on the other hand, had the sense not to interact with her parents while in the past ... at least not with them knowing who she was. After her prophetic speeches and heartfelt pleas to protect the child, though, I think HRG knew who she was.

Matt, Ando, Daphne. Finding Issac Mendez’s sketchbook and the final issue of 9th Wonders may be interesting, but it didn’t seem to add much to the overall story. Is it possible that the book has other hidden goodies? Save the sketchbook, save the world?

Petrellis and associates. Nathan and Peter are at odds (as usual) over whether everyone should be able to get incredible powers. Nathan aligned himself with his father and the legion of doom while Peter and the Haitian complete their goal of killing Arthur. They do, though it’s Sylar doing the actual killing. Meanwhile, Nathan and Tracy and Mohinder have successfully given someone, a Marine, powers. The smirk at the end doesn’t inspire confidence that the soldier will be on the good side, and it’s possible that Arthur’s death means the formula’s effectiveness dies with him. Maybe.

Whether it’s acknowledged or not, the show has gotten better. I thought this was an exceptional episode -- one that would entice others to continue watching. In the upcoming ‘Duality’ episode, look for cameos by Maya, the puppet master Eric Doyle and the first appearance (this season) of New Orleans hero Monica. Hope it’s not too short-lived. And speaking of short, that quick cameo of Flint and Knox just standing on the wall in the corridor was good reenforcement that Tracy is a bad guy. If she could survive with these guys, she’s not looking out for anyone’s interests but her own.

-- Jevon Phillips

P.S - OK, Ill say it ... anyone else bothered by how Arthur Petrelli got to the past and how he was able to get from place to place (also showed up in the middle of Africa)? I chalked it up to being a teleporter of Hiro’s caliber ... but in the past, he also took Hiro’s power. Maybe it was just to strand him there ... I don’t know, but I may as well let it go for now.