‘90210’: Annie Wilson and the case of the creepy half-brother


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Intuition. It’s not just a boutique on Pico. Tuesday’s episode of ‘90210’ focused on that mysterious ability we call ‘intuition,’ defined by as ‘direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process.’

‘Follow your intuition!’ The episode seemed to proclaim. Only not if you’re Harry Wilson, Tracy Clark or Naomi Clark, because all of them think some random kid is a long-lost member of their family. So, follow your intuition, but only if you’re a Wilson kid. Wait -– scratch that. Even Dixon Wilson’s intuition led him astray tonight, when he came to believe that the bisexual cheerleader was hitting on him. So, follow your intuition! But only if you’re Annie Wilson.


Annie Wilson deserves props tonight, for getting all Nancy Drew on us and cracking the case of the creepy half-brother. Sure, the Annie intuition-montage by the lunch table was a little heavy-handed, but ‘Annie Wilson, PI’ is way better then either of her alter-egos: ‘pajama-clad tooth-brushing Annie’ or ‘why-are-you-so-mean-to-me-Naomi?-Annie.’

Aunt Becky -– er -– Debbie Wilson, also shined, when she released her inner lioness on hubby Harry. Debbie got in Harry’s spray-tanned face and announced: ‘I wont let you pay down your guilt at the expense of Annie and Dixon.’ That shut him up! Here’s hoping she unleashes the wrath on home-wrecker Tracy Clark next week.

So, that’s the good. Now, on to the, huh?

Why did everybody keep walking away from poor Adrianna at the most bizarre moments? First, Adrianna’s sponsor informed her that their friend was HIV- positive, then excused herself and walked away. To do what? Rearrange the finger food? Then the clinic nurse told Adrianna she was pregnant, announced that ‘you should see your gynecologist to discuss your options’ and bailed. Brenda was next to high-tail it to the door, saying, ‘I have to go. I’m sorry.’ Who does that? ‘Yeah, I know I just gave you the worst news of your life, but I have a Hot Pocket in the microwave, so ...’

And now on to Dixon and Silver, otherwise known as the reason to watch this show. Silver forgave Dixon pretty quickly for flat-out lying to her, didn’t she? He said he was going out with his family, and then went to a mansion party with a hot cheerleader instead! He may have explained his way out by saying he needed some black culture, but when Dixon accepted that cheerleader’s invitation at the Peach Pit, connecting with his roots was the last thing on his mind. Silver, keep those pretty peepers peeled. Use your ‘intuition.’

Which brings me to MY intuition. Which is sensing a ‘Juno’ moment coming on. Think about it: Adrianna thinks she owes her life to Brenda, Brenda can’t have a baby, Adrianna has a baby she doesn’t want. Hmmm ... can anybody think of a solution? But what would Navid say? (Answer: He’d stand by her like the puppy dog he is.) And now comes the prize for most shameless product placement, this week awarded to the close-up on the T-Mobile cellphone Adrianna used to (almost) call Navid. ‘T-Mobile, for when you want to tell your virgin boyfriend that you got pregnant with another man’s baby while you were at the rehab facility he paid for.’

What do you think? Should Adrianna give her baby to Brenda? Did Dixon get off too easy after blatantly lying to Silver (yes!)?

And, as ‘90210’ scholar Denise Martin pointed out during Tuesday’s show -– via text, natch -– ‘what happened to the Annie Ethan sex???’ Because if you watched the CW preview, it looked like Tuesday was the night. Will Annie and Ethan ever do the deed? What does your ‘intuition’ tell you?

-- Stephanie Lysaght

Photo credits: The CW