‘Battlestar Galactica’ countdown: Rekha and embracing the inner Cylon


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In ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ the only newly discovered Cylon that seemed to embrace what she discovered was Tory (Rekha Sharma). While the Chief pondered and Tigh looked lost and Anders seemed to take it in stride, Tory grabbed her opportunity when it presented itself. The character and actress were also involved in what could be considered one of the show’s most defining and surprising scenes (Cally — airlock — gone).

We were able to catch up to Rekha and ask a quick five (or so) questions:

When last we spoke, you talked about getting back on stage. Have you been able to do that much, and what would be an ideal stage role to play?


Ah yes, the stage ... I had hoped to do something right away, but it’s taking a little more time. I have settled on a great little theater here in Vancouver [Canada] called the Beaumont Stage. The artistic director and I are currently on the search for the right play for me for the next season.

They have consistently strong productions there, and I am very excited to work with this director, so I think it’ll be well worth the wait.

Rekha seems to be a lot more fun-loving than Tory. What personal qualities, if any, did you infuse your character with once you knew her direction?

Well, thank you ... it helps that I haven’t had my planet blown to smithereens ... he he : )

That’s a tough question — there’s so much ... I think I can be just as hard-working, as hopeful, as fearful and as destructive as Tory ... but I think it’s a matter of scale. You know, you shrink some things and expand others.

We still don’t know what Tory’s ultimate fate is, though there is speculation. What was the biggest speculation session that went on among the cast (since you all may not have known what twists were coming) during the show’s run?


I think the biggest question about Tory on set was about whether or not the truth about what she did to Cally would ever be revealed, and if so, what would be the consequences? A little scary to ponder that one ...

Were you a big sci-fi fan before joining the cast and (question from commenter Jordan) after participating in ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ are you drawn to science fiction more or less?

I don’t know about ‘big,’ but yeah, sure — I am a fan of sci fi. One of my favorite shows when I was a kid was the old ‘Star Trek’ reruns ... and now one of my favorite movies is ‘Stalker’ by Andrei Tarkovsky. I am a bit of a ‘dreamer,’ so I love fantasizing about utopian futures, and I also love the way you can explore big concepts in sci fi. For instance, there’s this line in the show : ‘All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.’ It makes me think about reincarnation and the cyclical nature of the universe ... you can’t do that so easily in most other genres.

What did you do once you found out the show was ending, and what did you do after it did?

Knowing that the show was coming to an end has been both exciting and sad. I couldn’t wait to find out how it ends, but I was sad to say goodbye to a great job, and to everyone that I have grown to love. The good news is I am still in touch with many of the friends I made, and I can proudly say I had the honor of being a part of one of the best shows on television.

Bonus question! Have you ever just popped in the episode of your character blasting Callie out of the airlock and went, ‘Yeah, baby!’ ?

Ha ! I wish — unfortunately, I’m always too busy scrutinizing my work!

— Jevon Phillips

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Photos: Sci Fi Channel. Rekha Sharma portrait courtesy of Ed Araquel