‘Battlestar Galactica’ countdown: Alessandro Juliani’s Felix Gaeta


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Alessandro Juliani’s Felix Gaeta is an understated but integral character in the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ universe. He’s come through in many tough situations (hot-wiring Galactica, spotting all those frakking Cylon Basestars, saving the whole human race by helping during the occupation), and now he has what seems to be a permanent limp to show for it.

We caught up with Alessandro for a quick Q&A as the season premiere nears.

Pick two moments during the show’s run that you would call ‘defining,’ for both your character and the show overall.


For Felix — ‘The Stump Serenade’ and a moment yet to be aired that will be extremely obvious once viewed.

For ‘Battlestar’ — Eddie’s ad-libbed ‘So say we all!’ in the miniseries.

Question from commenter Jordan: How do you think ‘Battlestar Galactica’ has affected the real world with its portrayals of life’s tough issues (i.e., abortion, Iraq war, terrorism, etc.)?

I’d like to think that it may have sparked a few discussions or debates on any or all of these issues. That’s really all one can hope for.

What did you do once you found out the show was ending, and what did you do after it did?

When I found out the show was ending, I called my accountant.

After the show had ended, as I often do at seminal moments in my life, I believe I went out for dinner and ate a steak the size of my head.

In ‘The Face of the Enemy’ webisodes, we see a romantic interlude between Gaeta and Athena. Secretly, if Gaeta could end up with any girl, or guy it seems, on ‘Galactica,’ whom do you think it would be and why?


(sarcastic?) ‘I believe the recent webisodes speak for themselves. Felix is and has always been a sexual omnivore who will stop at nothing to satisfy his every libidinous whim.’

— Jevon Phillips

P.S. has a fun video on whether the crew knows who the fifth Cylon is!