‘Battlestar Galactica’ finale: interview with Ron Moore


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Creator Ron Moore answers questions about his favorite episode and more.

So the end of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ is finally here -- the Sci Fi Channel’s (soon to be Syfy’s) flagship show docks in the port of reruns and DVD lore.


But there are a few questions left unanswered. Enter the show’s creator, Ron Moore, who supplied some answers without giving any spoilers.

Whose job was it to calculate the surviving humans?

It was a three-way responsibility. There were people on physical production, people up in Vancouver. The first assistant director and the prop department would keep track on a white dry erase board aboard Colonial One, and then they would coordinate with the script coordinators who kept track of the script, and then with post-production, who would track the number that would be shown in the main title each week.

The glowing red spine (during sex) in the first season. Was it just abandoned?

It wasn’t really abandoned; we just didn’t do a lot more Cylon sex scenes.

How did Baltar survive the nuclear explosion?

Well, he survived the nuclear explosion because if you look at the shot when the windows are blown in, you see that Caprica Six is actually protecting him at the moment -- she kind of grabs him and shields him with her body.


Is there any connection between Daniel and Starbuck?

There is no connection between Daniel and Starbuck. That was something that was seized upon by fans on the Internet and then gathered a momentum and a life of its own.

Favorite episode?

It’s probably still ‘33,’ which is the first episode of the first season. It was just a great experience writing it. I wrote it without a story outline or really a lot of structure -- just sat there and wrote it and felt my way through the whole script. . . . We were going to plunge you right into the action -- they had been under attack for five days and were strung out and tired and they were already at the end of the road when the episode began. I just thought it was a fantastic way to open that first year.

Any details about ‘Caprica’ or ‘the Plan?’

‘The Plan’ will really be going back and looking at events from the first couple of years, but doing them from the Cylon point of view. ‘The Plan’ is sort of a companion piece to the series, and it’s really kind of a show for those who love the show already.


‘Caprica,’ by contrast, is for people who have never even watched ‘Galactica’ as well as fans because it’s a completely different series and doesn’t require a knowledge of ‘Battlestar’ at all. It’s a much more politically oriented show and a family drama that’s based on a planet instead of on a spaceship.

Photos: Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times & SciFi Channel

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