One ‘Lost’ mystery down, 1 million to go


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It’s not every day that we get to solve a ‘Lost’ mystery, but today we most certainly can.

The Internet’s been buzzing since yesterday with the ‘Lost’ news that Matthew Perry -- also known as Chandler Bing -- is appearing in the season finale of ‘Lost.’ A sleuth found the secret casting news on IMDB, with a character name and everything.

ABC immediately denied this, but we are of a suspicious nature, so we kept digging. What we found is that nowhere on the island of Smoke Monsters and four-toed statues has there ever been an actor named Matthew Perry. He’s not there in 1977. He’s not there in 2009. And he wasn’t there in 2004 when the Oceanic 815 crashed.


Whoever added the part to Perry’s resume was playing a dirty trick on us, Losties. Three island sources have now confirmed what ABC debunked. Our money’s on Benjamin Linus. You know how that guy likes to mess with our heads.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Getty Images