‘90210’: Three reasons you should crash tonight’s party

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I know. I’ve heard the talk. A lot of you watched the first few episodes of ‘90210' last season and gave up. But several months later, all anyone could talk about was the explosive season finale. (Did Annie hit a person or a moose? Shannen Doherty a la Cleopatra? Give me more!) Somehow while the rest of you weren’t watching, the show got good.

And when I say good, I mean trashy good.

A second look is in order, and if tonight’s Season 2 premiere is any indication, raucous parties are in store. I present the top three, semi-spoilery reasons you should reconsider giving this ritzy ZIP Code a try:

Less sweet, more tarts:

Rumor has it the family drama motif is out (or at least thankfully minimized). If I wanted to watch a “Seventh Heaven” redux, I wouldn’t be watching the CW. Less parents, less moralizing, more teen debauchery. Yay! This means the mean girls are large and in charge. Adrianna (post-baby-mama storyline), Naomi (post-Liam, for now) and Silver (post-bipolar breakdown) have all gotten edgy makeovers — inside and out — and are finally living up to the fashionista potential they had inside. Adrianna’s rockin’ extensions? Silver’s sleek bob? Thank you. And the beach club is back. The wardrobe and scenery alone could win a most improved award.

The goodie-goodie gets hers:

Narc-o-licious Annie is on the outs, and I couldn’t be more OK with that. How she’s going to deal with the hit-and-run accident, Naomi’s belief that she did the horizontal shuffle with Liam and subsequently sending pretty much every student at West Bev off to summer school with one angry call to the sobriety cops is beyond me, but suddenly she’s the most interesting damsel on the show. If history tells us anything, homegirl doesn’t cope with adversity well, and I speak for us all when I say we’ll take distraught Annie any day. A few more episodes without her weird nervous laughter? All the better.

Question: What’s better than a new hot guy?

Answer: A new hot guy who stirs it up. Sorry Ethan, we’ll try to remember you when there’s a lull, but I’d like to roll out the welcome wagon for new transfer student Teddy Montgomery, played by Trevor Donovan. Sure, he looks like a corn-fed Midwesterner, but it turns out he’s Beverly Hills O.G., which means rich, spoiled and up to no good. In fact, he and Adrianna have quite a history. (Hint: It doesn’t quite get Navid’s mind off of his lingering virginity problem.) And Teddy doesn’t stop there. It looks like all the guys have some competition. About time the boys had some drama. He does seem a bit old, like he was held back about, hmmm, 10 years? I don’t mind, but sound off below if you do.

That’s it for now. Don’t want to give away all the juicy bits. But rest assured summer school has paid off for this show. Check back post-premiere. I’ll see you at the after-party right here.— Jethro Nededog