‘Melrose Place’: Matters of the heart


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‘You know, you think you know somebody and you let them in. And then they cut your heart out.’

Wow. Powerful words, Taryn Manning. In this case, she’s speaking more or less literally. The actress guest-starred as a scary version of herself, a singer -- she too sings in an act called Boomkat -- dealing with stalker issues whom Jonah had to coax out of a dressing room so he could direct her in a music video. Ella, who can’t help herself when it comes to her nerdy neighbor, booked the high-profile gig. Sigh, if she doesn’t watch her heart, it’s going to get trampled. Really, Manning’s quote can be used for just about everyone in this episode.


Violet -- if only to encourage her own fantasies, because we’re not buying she’s Sydney’s kid -- had tried to let her would-be mom into her heart, only for to watch the elder redhead die. (Could Violet be behind the murder though? Too obvious ... but still possible.) Now Violet has decided to let herself into her ‘mom’s’ apartment, wardrobe and love life. Not healthy. And for the record, Syd looked way better in that dress.

We’d tell Auggie to watch his back when it comes to Violet, but he’s busy warming Riley’s cold feet to pay her any attention. While Jonah’s got his director on, Auggie offered Riley his shoulder to cry on because, well, she’s just unsure about Jonah when she’s alone. (When she’s around Ella? Not so much.) Do you think Auggie meant it when he said he could forget about their drunken kiss? I don’t think he seemed fazed, but then Auggie’s face isn’t the, uh, emotion-revealing type? He barely winced when we saw Sydney slash him with that knife last week.

That leads us back to Ella, who tries and fails to hide her emotions. Who isn’t impressed by the dichotomy of lovelorn neighbor and scary publicist Ella. She was willing to stick her neck out and get Jonah the music-video gig when her A-list director client walked off the set, but stand up for him when the client wanted to take credit for our favorite rising star’s work? Sadly, there’s only room in the day for one big career risk.

Maybe Ella doesn’t really like Jonah after all. Maybe she just doesn’t want anyone to be happy. That, or all the big, moving-up-the-career-ladder talk is a cover-up. Maybe Paula Cole’s ‘Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?’ is her most-played iTunes song and she dreams of ranches in Montana.

Still, the biggest-heartache award probably goes to David this week. Just when he thought dad Michael was only horrible enough to kill Sydney for threatening to expose his secrets, David learned that Michael’s not stopping there. Not only does he have the dirt on Jo, Allison and more of our old ‘Melrose’ friends, but he’s also got files on the new tenants. It’s so nice to have the dastardly Mancini back, isn’t it?

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-- Whitney Friedlander