‘90210’: Jessica Lowndes fields fan questions on the fate of ‘No Drama Adrianna,’ her singing career and the new hair


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This season on “90210,” Adrianna emerged with a new look, a new moniker (“No Drama Adrianna”), and a new relaxed outlook on her post-drug, post-preggers life. She was doing a good job of laying low – until last week, that is, when she almost kissed Teddy at his yacht party. Is the old Adrianna starting to resurface? “Something is definitely going to go down,” said Jessica Lowndes, the Vancouver native who plays ‘90210’s’ Adrianna Tate-Duncan. “It’s definitely going to get really dramatic really fast. She’s going to go back to ‘Drama Adrianna.’”

Up until now, Navid has been getting most of the flack for being jealous of Adrianna’s relationship with Teddy. Lowndes says that her character should share in some of the blame. “I think she’s in a little bit of denial with obviously the attraction that’s still there with Teddy,” Lowndes, 20, explained. “I think she realizes there that she still has feelings for Teddy, and Navid was right all along.”


Lowndes took some time out to answer not only our questions, but a few from her fans, as well:

You weren’t supposed to be a regular on “90210,” right?
When I signed on, I was only supposed to be in the first two or three episodes. Next thing I know, my character had a pregnancy and a drug addiction, and I was offered a series regular. I’m still pinching myself because this is so much more than I even thought was possible. I’m also very fortunate that they’ve given Adrianna such real, pressing issues in society, and they deal it with it in such an honest way. I try my hardest. I’m constantly challenged as an actress, because it’s all out of my comfort zone and they’re things I have no experience with.

Adrianna was a child actress, gone wrong, which brings me to one of the fan questions...

Michele M. on Facebook asks, “Were you a child actor like your character on the show?”
I got an agent when I was 16 up in Vancouver, Canada. I didn’t take it seriously until I was 17. I booked a show up in Vancouver the summer before the 12th grade. And I just realized I wanted to be in L.A. so bad. I got a management company down here, and I ended up home-schooling my senior year here in three months. I did it online – very difficult, but I wanted to be here. I knew this was my passion and something I wanted to do. I did a couple other things. Like, I did a horror movie, ‘The Haunting of Molly Hartley,’ and the show “Greek.” I was fortunate to get work right away, but “90210” was the first big thing and the first steady work. It’s just absolutely amazing. I’m so happy.


Adrianna’s relationship with Silver and Naomi has gotten a lot tighter. They’re like the mean girls of West Bev now. So, Michele M. also wonders, “Are there cliques among the cast?”
I didn’t get to work a lot with many of the girls last season. I was usually by myself or with the original [90210 cast]. I filmed a lot with Michael Steger, who in real life is one of my really good friends. I hang out with him and Matt Lanter a lot as well. This year, I get to film with the girls, and I’ve been having such a fun time. And we’ve all been hanging out. So, there are really no cliques. It just depends on who you’re filming with is who you spend most your time with. Many people don’t know this, but you’re a singer as well. Recently you sang “God Bless America” at a Dodgers game. What was that like?
It was insane and so amazing. It just made me realize I just love performing, and it’s something I put aside for the acting thing, which is fine. But I miss it, and I’ve definitely been in the studio, working hard.

Denise K. on Twitter has some questions regarding your music. First, she wonders if you’ll be releasing a record soon.
I’m very excited, actually. We’re going to be incorporating some of my music into the show this year, which is great. I was hired originally as the singer for the show [in the first season’s production of Spring Awakening]. I get to do more of that this year. It’s something I’m putting a lot of my focus into. I’ve been back in the studio. I hope by next year to have some songs out that can be on the show, as well, or kind of do my own thing. But I definitely want a singing career, and it’s probably the next step.

Denise K. also wants to know what you’re listening to right now.
That’s the hardest question ever, because I’m obsessed with so many styles of music. Right now, I’ve been listening to the band Stateless and the song “Bloodstream.” That’s kind of been on repeat. I’m actually obsessed with it. But, I also love LMFAO. They performed at my birthday party last year. And also the band Yoav – I’ve been listening to a lot lately, as well. But Stateless is my No. 1 that I’ve been listening to a lot lately.

Adrianna’s look is totally different on the show, but the thing I get asked about most is the new hairstyle – longer, no more bangs. Lara T. on Facebook wonders, “Did her hair grow really fast over hiatus, or are those extensions? If so, I think they’re really good extensions.” Can you settle the extension controversy?
Before I booked the show, I had really, really long hair. And they told me that the only way to get the part was to cut all my hair off and get straight-across bangs [laughs]. It was a very intense look, but it worked perfectly for my character. Last year, she was the type to want everything perfect and she was under a lot of pressure. We wanted her to be sort of hidden by those bangs at the beginning and be unassuming. As my character has grown, so has the hair. I love it this year. So, over the span of nine months my hair has grown quite a bit [laughs]. I’m loving it. I’m loving the new Adrianna look.

-- Jethro Nededog