‘90210’: The whole gang is asking...trick or treat?

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In this week’s Halloween-themed “90210,” there was so much partner swapping going on, I thought I was at a yuppie key party. Everyone seemed down with checking out greener pastures.

Ade or Silver?
Teddy has found a new prospect in Silver. They just so happen to be matched up for a class project. She, of course, totally abhors Teddy. Don’t forget, he got her in trouble with Dixon by leaking the Ethan kiss back in this season’s premiere. And most recently, she’s not happy he let Navid in on the secret that he and Adrianna had been lip locking, as well. Do these gals ever learn? Hello, Teddy kisses and tells. I’ll give Silver a pass this week. She decided to move in with her cancer-stricken mother and everyone from her sister Kelly to her friends think it was the wrong decision. She’s tired, stressed, and no one understands her. Enter the smooth and handsome Teddy. He was laying it on thick all episode, but Silver wasn’t budging. Then a game-changer: Teddy overheard Naomi talking about Silver’s mother having cancer. Suddenly, we find out why Teddy has been away for a while. He moved to the East Coast to be with his mother, who was dying of cancer. With this, he found his way in to Silver. This can’t last. First, Ade is going to blow up, and Silver is only a few sleepless nights away from bipolar nuttiness. If Ade doesn’t put an end to it, will Teddy stick around through Silver’s extreme mood swings? Something tells me that’s a wave Teddy won’t ride. What do you think? Is he up to it?

By the way, does Navid have swine flu? Where was he all episode?

Naomi or Ivy?
Liam took his eye off Naomi and slammed into surfer-girl Ivy – literally. They got into a little accident in the beach parking lot. She’s a bit “on the nose” with her surfer talk and fist bumps, but she’s blond and pretty. If someone was going to dent your car, she’s better than some old guy who’ll actually ask about insurance. At West Bev, I guess everyone pays for his or her damage out of pocket. Ivy is also the newest member of the surf team, “90210’s” genius way of getting the boys shirtless. (Except, has anyone else noticed the guys are a bit pale to be hanging at the beach as much as they do? A tan wouldn’t hurt. Teddy, man, you’re first.) Throughout the episode, Ivy gets all girl power on Liam and they battle back and forth until Liam beats her in a surf-off. I think they’ll be sharing waves by the next episode. How long do you give them?

Richard or Jamie?

After Liam wins the surf-off and makes nice with Ivy, Naomi sees them hugging... This brings her some clarity. On the one hand, her plan to get into Cal U. is working splendidly. She has been dating eco-nerd Richard for a while and it seems she’s very close to meeting his mother, the university’s dean of admissions. Jen would have gone in for the kill, but Naomi is proving herself to be much more, um, human than her ice-cold sis. Plus, Richard’s roommate is hot. In this ZIP Code, saving trees doesn’t beat wobbly knees. After seeing Liam and Ivy, Naomi decides she’ll get over Liam only with someone who can rival him for her attention. Boy-chasing Naomi is much more fun than college-bound Naomi anyway, right?


Debbie or Kelly?
After last week’s drunken slip when he called Debbie by Kelly’s name, Harry’s midlife crisis has gotten further out of control. Debbie has been on to him and after catching him at lunch with Kelly instead of keeping his date with her, she’s bringing the pain. I love it. What I don’t love are any scenes with Rob Estes lately, because he’s hamming it up to “Nicolas Cage” proportions. I understand if he wants to make his few scenes memorable, but dude, you’ve got the part. Relax. I can’t even concentrate on the plot of Harry’s emotional cheating with Kelly, because I’m so perturbed by Estes’ overacting. Please, Estes, take it down a notch.

Sasha or, uh, Sasha?
Dixon has finally smartened up and dumped Sasha. I was thrilled that the whole affair was over. Sasha kills me. I throw up just a little every time she gets nuts over Dixon wanting to hang out with his friends or we find them in bed, and especially when she started tearing up as Dixon dumped her. Hmmm, Sasha, is it possible that you’d be better off dating someone your own age? Or at least someone who doesn’t get a weekly allowance? Then, just as everything is getting back to normal and Dixon is hanging out in an Afro wig on the beach with Teddy the Vampire to watch a surf-off (normal in “90210” at least), Sasha shows up again. She claims she’s preggers! Is she lying to get Dixon back? I’m hoping yes, because who wants to revisit the whole baby-making thing. Been there, done that. Plus, I want Sasha gone.

Jasper or anybody else, please!
Annie is still carrying on with Jasper. He’s still crazy and made her steal a car in the name of indie film. Fine, she was almost raped last week and Jasper is her only friend right now, but Annie needs to smarten up, already!
Oh, next week is a rerun! If you start getting the shakes, come on back and relive the first quarter-season with me. I’d love to hear from yah.

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Photos, from top: Newcomer Ivy, played by Gillian Zinser, knows how to make an entrance on “90210.”; From left, Trevor Donovan as Teddy and Tristan Wilds as Dixon on ‘90210.’ Credit: Michael Desmond / The CW