‘Gossip Girl’: Tricks and treats

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It was the parfait that launched a thousand ships ... or the latest grudge match on ‘Gossip Girl.’ This isn’t any ordinary grudge match, however. This one is between Jenny and Eric, whose friendship is supposed to transcend all pettiness because they’re somehow wiser than their older siblings and friends. If J and E can’t get along, what hope do we all have?

Queen J was pretty mean, though. Her commitment to take the crown seriously meant abiding by the rules, and one rule decreed that no one sits above the queen on the Met steps. Duh. Eric and Jonathan, who I’m happy to report are still going strong, don’t believe this silly rule applies to them nor do they think J would actually uphold it. They thought wrong and a yogurt parfait was all over Eric’s head sooner than you could say ‘skinless almonds.’
The yogurt incident was vicious but forgivable. The straw that eventually broke the camel’s back came later when Jenny ordered her minions to egg Jonathan despite calling a truce with Eric. In this case, E was in the right. If J wanted her true friends to play along with her absurd power games, she should at least warn them of impending food attacks. I don’t know if all that warranted such a harsh denouncement from Eric (he was proper enough to not slam any doors), but it was enough to prompt Jenny to purge her closet of any remnants of Good Jenny. The Evil Queen has firmly taken her throne.

The trickery doesn’t end there. Chuck and Blair danced their weekly waltz of deception as Chuck secretly attempted to launch his new speakeasy-themed bar, Gimlet, without B’s help. He hasn’t quite forgiven Blair for last week’s transgression with good reason. Upon hearing Chuck’s request to not involve her in Gimlet’s opening party, B immediately enlisted his Uncle Jack to fake a liquor license. Call it foreshadowing as Jack will definitely be back later in the season. Chuck knows Blair too well to fall too hard for her schemes and the couple reunited to give Gimlet the opening buzz it needed.
While it looks as though Chuck and Blair have survived this round of betrayal, Blair and Serena seem to be on thin ice. Their personal agendas are once again getting in the way of their friendship and the famous frenemies look to be on the outs. B and S are always more fun when they’re at each other’s throats, so claw away, ladies. At least S has a new movie star boyfriend to keep her warm.

Speaking of warm, Dan and Olivia turned on the heat and sealed the deal last night. This couple is too cute to be true and I’m nervously waiting for the episode in which it all falls apart. I enjoyed his anxiety over her love scenes with her actor ex-boyfriend, but Dan knew he didn’t need to worry. For a guy who’s bedded Serena, school teacher Rachel and loony Georgina Sparks, sweet Olivia might actually be the closest thing he’s had to normal.
What did you think of the episode, readers? Are you on Team Eric or Team Jenny? Do you enjoy Blair and Serena as friends or enemies?


-- Enid Portuguez

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