Nicole is ‘America’s Next Top Model’: Nice girls can finish first (and second)


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Yes, it’s true; I have been pulling for Nicole from the beginning. Proof is in print, people! Give me some Show Tracker love… OK, fine, I’ll take some “like” too.

Everyone should be thrilled at the results of “Le Cycle 13,” since not only did Nicole win, but Laura was in the top two as well. It’s like “Revenge of the Nerds” (except with attractive people). It got a little scary there for a while, as it seemed that the “mean girls” might prevail once more. My hope is that every awkward girl out there realizes that with a little bravery, Barbie toes, a lot of makeup, a tranny runway coach and an eccentric supermodel mentoring them, they too can achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams.


The competition began when Nicole and Laura received a Tyra-mail that included scripts for the next day’s “motion camera” (as Tyra calls it) commercial. Laura instantly went into panic mode, knowing that her dyslexia would make it hard for her to memorize the script. Meanwhile, Nicole seemed a bit too happy that she would have the edge over Laura on that one.

Jay Manuel (whose mother dressed him funny with that green pea coat with its collar popped, ew), and Teyona, Cycle 12’s winner, told the ladies that they would be promoting CoverGirl’s LashBlast mascara. By the way, Teyona proved that one doesn’t need to sound natural or deliver one’s lines smoothly to be a “Top Model,” which seems to be the criticism that the judges keep throwing at both our finalists. I’m just sayin’.
Then, ‘Top Model’ judge Nigel Barker arrives...

Thanks for joining us, Nigel. He ran in breathless, because you know Tyra was blowing up his cell, “The shoot has started, boo!” Turns out he will shoot the still photos with one contestant while Jay directed the other contestant in her commercial. I know, Miss Tyra, it’s a recession, so you have to use everybody who is on that island. I get it.

Nicole is first up with Nigel and rocks it, as usual. Laura has some problems with her “smize” and Nigel asks her what she’s thinking about. Her answer? Milkshakes and kittens. That’s cute, but no gal puts on mascara for a date with her kitten. Nigel wasn’t impressed.

Laura has a hard time with the commercial shoot as well. She’s having difficulties remembering her lines. I’m kind of annoyed that she keeps referencing her dyslexia, because correct me if I’m wrong: Doesn’t dyslexia affect the way one reads letters, not how they say them once they’re “memorized”? Laura is sweet, but I think she’s making excuses.

Nicole doesn’t do much better on her commercial. She also stumbles with the words, but she doesn’t have the “dyslexia” excuse to fall back on. In addition, she doesn’t quite have the pep she showed in her last commercial shoot and Jay thinks she’s sounding “snotty.” Regardless, she finally gets through it.

I’m giving the first challenge to Nicole. They both had problems with their lines, but Laura’s accent is tough to follow. I just don’t think she’ll make a great spokesmodel unless it’s a gig at the county fair. It’s obvious that Nicole did much better in the photo shoot as well.


In the second challenge, Seventeen magazine’s Ann Shoket shows up and announces that the women will be shooting the cover photo for the issue in which the winner appears. Veteran photographer Gilles Bensimon takes the helm on this one. Both girls bring the “smize” and do really well, so I’m calling this one a tie.

It all comes down to the runway show. Again, Tyra saves some money by bringing back Erin, Brittany, Sundai and Jennifer to walk in the show as well. Except for Jennifer, it’s like a “mean girls” reunion! It’s interesting that when they’re asked who they want for the win, most of them said they wanted Laura. I think that was based on her popularity in the house more than anything. It was clear that Nicole wasn’t a house favorite.

The runway show didn’t look easy. Both finalists had to walk through three elements, including wind and rain while wearing a ridiculous amount of glitter on their face. I have to say that Laura killed it. She looked beautiful and she walked like a pro. Nicole? Not so much. Her walk looked hard and I have no idea what her arms and neck were doing. This one obviously went to Laura. By the way, what was up with that Maxim ending, with the wet contestants in bathing suits rubbing up on each other? Uncomfortable! Oh, and no you didn’t OD on your meds, Miss J was indeed wearing a flowered yellow tablecloth as a dress.

So here we are at the end of the show and in my mind, it’s a dead heat. I believe that the judges ultimately picked Nicole because she could do high fashion as well as commercial campaigns. The judges just seemed to think that while America may love Laura, the world would embrace Nicole. I, for one, think all is right in the world.

What about you? Are you embracing Nicole or do you think the judges made a huge mistake?

Later: Check back here for my interview with Nicole, the first petite winner of “America’s Next Top Model.”

– Jethro Nededog (Follow me on Twitter @TheRealJethro)


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Photos, from top: “America’s Next Top Model’s” first petite winner, Nicole. Credit: Nigel Barker / Pottle Productions Inc; Nicole and Laura in their CoverGirl commercial shoot. Credit: the CW; Laura kills in the final runway challenge on ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Credit: The CW