‘90210’: Beverly Hills fight club


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This week’s “90210” was all about girl fights. One was literal and others were metaphorical. Naomi and Annie stood up for themselves, while Silver and Gia actively pursued their heart’s desire.

Naomi on top
It took some time, but I think Naomi has finally figured out some key things this week. First, Ivy is not her friend and she doesn’t want to be just Liam’s friend, either. Maybe, she was blinded by her desire for everything to be perfect. Regardless, there was a moment when she was on that hike where Stella got her groove back and she was on to Ivy. Is there anything better than Naomi when she knows what she wants?


At the beach later, I was definitely Team Naomi when she had Ivy eat sand and by the time Liam caught on, Naomi was on top. Oh, the rush. I’m going to have to check the ratings in the morning. How many more people tuned in just to watch the bikini-clad girl fight?

I thought that maybe things weren’t clicking like they used to, because Liam is clearly not the angry guy he used to be when they originally started hooking up. When he told Naomi that he wasn’t attracted to the fake nice girl act, though, that made perfect sense to me. Aren’t you glad Naomi finally woke up?

Speaking of waking up…
Annie fights back
I was totally shocked when Annie told Jasper that she refused to be blackmailed any longer. Sure, I felt that somehow she would find her voice and say something. I didn’t expect her to call him on his bluff and prepare to turn herself in, though. That was an excellent move. It totally put Jasper in his place and truth be told, I never want to see another kissing scene between him and Annie. That’s not to say that I think this is over. From the last scene in which he was stalking Annie while she was hanging with the girls, it’s perfectly clear Jasper’s insanity still has a ways to go.

It’s also clear from the close-up on Annie’s computer when it auto saved her confession letter that she isn’t quite in the clear on the hit-and-run either. That will definitely come back to haunt her.

By the way, did anyone notice that Annie’s hair has taken up some of Jasper’s grease? Annie with bouncy hair again, please.

Silver can’t decide
That is Silver couldn’t decide between being with Teddy or not. She was pretty clear on Dixon: No way. No how. I love that Teddy’s sister went over to Silver and pleaded his case, then exposed Dixon’s lies without knowing it. He had no choice but to come clean with Silver. He did, however, have a choice of coming clean with Teddy. That was an admirable move. In TV Land that makes him eligible for one wish fulfilled.

Earlier in the episode, Dixon was disappointed that his birth mom never got back to him. Then, in the last moments of the episode, the doorbell rang. It was his mom … to Debbie’s dismay, I’m sure. That story is to be continued, but I’m sure it’ll shake the Wilson home a bit.

Oh, by the way, Navid was suspended for having the drugs in his locker in the last episode. He wasn’t in this episode at all, so I guess we’ll have to see the ramifications of the suspension later. It could have been much worse. Pays to be best friends with the principal’s son, huh? Another point for Dixon.

Gia is a schemer
Can you believe it? After last week’s faux kiss, Adrianna and Gia have been bonding over their mutual misery. Isn’t that what brought Annie and Jasper together? Just sayin’.

When Gia had the chance to get back with her ex-girlfriend, she turned it down. Then, when she met up with Ade, she lied to her and said that her girlfriend just wanted to give her stuff back. I don’t believe she’ll be as bad as him, but I think we have a mini-Jasper on our hands.

Ivy’s mom isn’t bad. She’s just written that way?
Finally, “L Word” actress Kelly Lynch has entered the show as Ivy’s mom. I so wanted to like her in this role, but I don’t. I just find her dialogue just as badly written as her daughter’s (which is why I was so shocked they made Ivy a regular). All the name-dropping, the hippy style and the weed smoking are just so expected. Plus, she has become Ryan’s new bad girl du jour. I guess his character needed another storyline other than the alcoholism one, which we’ve already seen performed by actresses half his age on this show. I guess I should reserve some judgment on Lynch’s character, since we’ve just met. Right now, though, my love affair with her is dead on arrival.

What did you think of this week’s “girl fights”?

— Jethro Nededog (follow me on Twitter @TheRealJethro)

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