‘90210’: Naomi and Ade are all broken up

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In this episode of “90210,” Naomi finds that the truth can hurt, Adrianna learns that love can sting and Annie finds that memories can linger.

Naomi tells all
After last week, Naomi continued to get sucked into the spiraling drama of her lie that Mr. Cannon sexually harassed her. This week, she again came close to telling Liam the truth, but truth was thwarted by popularity. It’s “90210,” after all. Not only her friends, but also other West Bev students had begun to champion her cause against the allegedly dirty teacher. I’ve been afraid for weeks that Naomi would take it too far and while she did, at least she finally found the courage to speak up at the school board hearing.


And while it was Naomi’s fault that she took the lie this far, she sure didn’t reap the rewards of the truth, either. She lost Liam and all the kids totally “Cruel Intentioned” her in the end. Thankfully, there’s always one character who is worse off than the others this season. She goes by the name of Annie.
Annie takes a guilt trip
Ah, Jasper-free and feelin’ good, Annie decides to go searching for a new set of wheels. She and Silver see a beautiful vintage car and they’re hell-bent on taking it for a joy ride. Plus, Annie needed a diversion. After asking nicely to drive the car off the lot without supervision, the girls decide to tramp it up. Kids, don’t do this at home. Of course, they find a weak-willed guy who falls for the teens in tramp clothing. While on the drive, Annie finds that she has inadvertently taken them to the scene of the hit-and-run where she killed Jasper’s uncle. She flashes back to the accident, and then loses control of the car. Luckily all that was suffered was an eye roll from Silver as she took the wheel. So much for diversions, Annie!

Later she has a nightmare, in which her victim’s picture keeps popping up on her wall and then all over her room. Here’s my prescription for your woes, Annie: Confess, already.

Dixon and Ivy stop fakin’ it

After Dixon and Ivy decided to fake a relationship in order to stop feeling like fifth wheels all the time and get their respective exes jealous, things have begun to heat up for them. Before that, Ivy came off even more desperate for Liam when, two minutes after finding out that Naomi lied about being sexually harassed, she threw herself at him. After he returned her callousness by telling her they would never be a couple, Dixon swooped in and picked up the pieces. Isn’t it strange that the two characters I dislike the most actually work for me as a couple? I’m fine with “Divy.”

Ade and Gia are past tense
Wow. Just last week, we watched Ade totally go PDA on us with Gia and now her first lesbian tryst is over? I’m actually quite fine with that. Weeks ago, I wrote that Gia had a little Jasper in her when she manipulated Ade into a relationship and now I see that I was right. Both her and Lila were jealous that Ade and Navid continue to have a strong connection, but at least Lila didn’t run off and hook up with her ex.

I’m hoping that we don’t have a new Jasper on our hands and Gia starts to get all nuts on Ade. We just went through that with Annie (for much longer than I cared to follow the Jasper storyline). Sorry, but I’m quite fine with not seeing Gia again now that her relationship with Ade is over. Maybe she’ll go back to being the girl that always sits in the front of the Blaze meetings. Oh, and maybe for character development, Gia can dye her hair black or something. That way only Lila will have that strangely colored hair that makes me crave red licorice.

I’m a little shocked at how quickly the series disposed of Ade’s lesbian love and band plot lines, but I do find myself wondering where this production deal with Ivy’s mom, Laurel, goes. By the way, her dialogue is still awful. In this episode, she said “chi-lax.” I rest my case.

Oh, and can we get some applause for “Gilmore Girls” alum Scott Patterson’s first appearance as Liam’s dad? I’m very excited to see where his “I just got sprung from prison” storyline goes. It was nice to see Liam smile after the week he had with Naomi’s sexual harassment stunt and Ivy’s horribly timed suggestion that they start dating.
Are you happy with the turn Ade’s storylines have taken in this episode? How did you feel about the fallout from Naomi’s lies?

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