Jorge Garcia takes The Times on a special ‘Lost’ tour


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‘Lost’ is wrapping up production next weekend, which means it’s almost time for the cast and crew to pack up and move back to the mainland.


The hit ABC series has forever changed the lives of everyone involved with it, including Jorge Garcia, 36, who was an unknown actor before the role of Hugo Reyes came his way. When The Times visited the island earlier this year, Garcia took us on a Hurley ‘Lost’ tour that included stopping at some of Garcia’s favorite spots as well as some of Hurley’s most iconic locations. Along the way, Garcia reminisced about his six years on the show and living on Oahu.

For instance, Garcia told us that sometimes he’s been so tired that he’s almost fallen asleep while working.

‘When you have an episode that has a lot of you in it, it can be pretty tiring,’ he said. ‘I’ve had times when I’ve actually started to fall asleep during scenes. Like when Dave (Evan Handler) and I were sitting down on some leaves and he’s talking to me, and after I got my coverage done and they’re shooting over my shoulder to him, I would start to fade out. And then I’d fade back to him and say my line and then I’d fade out. And he was like, ‘Should I mention something? What do I do here?’’

Or remember the sad scene in last week’s episode in which Hurley was kneeling by Libby’s (Cynthia Watros) grave asking her to appear to him?

‘I did that kneel so many times that the next day, the muscles in my butt were sore. It was like I was doing lunges the whole day long. So I started doing the other knee to even it out,’ he said.

How about the fan favorite moment between Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Hurley when they were fishing and Hurley steps on a sea urchin?

‘To make Jin look like a really good fisherman, they bought a bunch of dead fish and put it in his net,’ Garcia said. ‘And he’s waving this thing of fish in the water and it started attracting a couple of eels. Big scary eels come over. And I was like, ‘OK, we’re out of the water for the rest of the day.’ They bite and don’t let go.’


‘Lost’ has used nearly 600 locations on Oahu during its six-year run, including the stunning Kualoa Ranch, where Hurley’s golf course is a tourist destination now and the castaways heard that creepy looping French transmission at the end of the pilot, prompting Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) to ask, ‘Guys, where are we?’

But Garcia says he most looks forward to filming at the Diamond Head studio ‘because that’s where they build the really cool stuff. The inside of the temple. Or all those Indiana Jones types of tunnels and stuff. Like where they buried Jughead. The big thing with the pendulum swing where they found out about the Ajira flight. All those awesome sets that we have to build because they don’t exist. Like the inside of the hatch.’

To go on tour with Jorge Garcia, click the video above.

To go down memory lane with Garcia at some of the tour stops, read this feature and click on this photo gallery. And here’s a map that shows where the ‘Lost’ locations are on Oahu.

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