‘Entourage’ recap: Intervention time


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Well, it’s all hit the fan in “Lose Yourself,” the last episode of “Entourage’s” penultimate season. And after that Nick Cassavetes stunt gone wrong, the dating of the porn star and all that smack and blow that had been snorted and passed around throughout these last 10 episodes, Vinnie Chase finally admitted that he was out of control and we finally saw him flushed down the drain like that baggie of cocaine (“We can sell that, bro!”). No congratulatory slaps on the back and camaraderie here. More like kicks to the ribs, a bloodied face and a possible arrest for possession.

And I don’t know about you, but after all the bull that the movie star had doled out this season, wresting away from being controlled while trying to control his girlfriend, it was quite satisfying to see Vince get told off by Minka Kelly and got the stuffing beaten out of him at Eminem’s party (including a nice hook to the kisser delivered by Marshall Mathers himself, no less).


Though loyal big brother (and avid “Intervention” fan) Drama was trying to stop things from coming to this end (God bless him). After Vince went missing post-restaurant tryst with Sasha, the new star of “Johnny’s Bananas” gathered the crew to Vince’s house to see if they couldn’t get this petulant coke sniffing, outburst having, Red Bull-swigging actor back on the righteous path (the best was when Billy Walsh pulled up in his ratty minivan). Of course, it didn’t work, as Vince was still angry and throwing punches at the world for not letting him have his way.

Because Sasha’s still doing the porn movie, you see. A strung-out Vince showed up at the movie set only to see his girl dressed up in shiny black patent as a sexy superhero prophylactic and surrounded by her own, um, entourage. Movie star Vince threw a conniption after having a weird meta-fight with a shorter, pornier version of himself (porn star Vince, Sasha’s ex-fiance) and he and Sasha called it quits.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for people to turn to retail therapy after a break-up, buying a nice T-shirt or some lip gloss to help feel better about themselves. Not Vince. He decided to put his ducats into a Rolls-Royce. “I got myself a present,” he pouted to his intervening pals, “for not having to answer to you.”

Vince’s pricey purchase did nothing for his washed out, sullen expression. Nor did Ari’s earnest yet misguided attempt to throw a surprise 40th birthday bash for his wife. Mrs. Ari was still stinging from the embarrassment of hearing Ari sling that nasty rant to Amanda Daniels at Wolfgang’s, which was only compounded by the humiliation of Vince not showing up at her son’s baseball game the nest day as promised. Her overprotective and highly shrill sister Marcie (Illeana Douglas) was not helping to assuage the situation.

Knowing full well that he was in the doghouse, Ari went for the tactic that worked so well for him in the past: throwing money at the problem to make it go away. Righteous Marcie had a price (getting out of debt), and Ari was certain his wife did as well. But after Marcie told Mrs. Ari of the surprise, Mrs. Ari pulled a Vince and was a no-show — John Cleese, a roomful of friends, and Christina Aguilera be damned. “This is a sign of love; this isn’t an ambush,” Ari insisted. But what started out as the opening chords to “Beautiful” quickly segued to a rueful, lonely (though terrific-sounding) “You Lost Me,” Mrs. Ari seated on a solitary bar stool announcing that she’s taking the kids and getting some distance from her hot-headed and absentee husband, and Ari left holding the phone and wondering where it all went wrong.

What else? Turtle’s sent scrambling after high-profile sports star/investors like Ryan Howard and Drew Brees after Carlos breaks down about having to sell Avion. Couldn’t figure out for the life of me why Turtle should care about Carlos. But then I was reminded that he was Alex’s family friend (yawn). Mark Cuban, who was very Gordon Gecko (“Wall Street” alert!) at the beginning of the episode ended up like the Tin Man with a heart at its end, relenting and agreeing to invest $5 million to build Carlos’ tequila factory. And while it’s been fun to see Cuban and Bob Odenkirk these last couple of episodes, methinks the sooner we can let this dragging Avion storyline fly the coop, the better.


And out of nowhere, Sloan’s dad and ruthless agent Terrance (Malcolm McDowell) asked to have dinner with E, told him he’s a slacker and wanted him to sign a pre-nup. To be filed under “Random,” “Season 8 Bumps on the Road to Sloan and E’s Wedding” and “Effective Way to get E to side with Scotty in taking over Murray’s Business.” Though if E’s war with Murray and Terrance will ensure that Scott Caan will be retuning next season, then by all means, game on.

What did you think of the Season 7 finale? Did you like this dark and stormy “Entourage” turn, or do you like your summer comedies with more light and fizz? Will Vince have to do time for the coke in his pocket? Are Ari and his wife doomed? Will Sloan and E make it to the altar? Which had more stars: this past season, or Drama’s glittery, out-of-this-world pyramid shirt?

— Allyssa Lee


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