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“Fringe” is back Friday night.

Much was said about Fox’s decision to move “Fringe” to Friday nights at 9. If you didn’t catch it all, Fox was nice enough to gather it all together in one simple video. They even managed to intercut some classic Walter moments to help express his reaction.

You’ll notice that I wasn’t quoted. That’s because I fully endorsed the move. I know I’m Mr. “Thursday night is ‘Fringe’ Night.” (As I was quoted in an earlier “Fringe” video, back before they quoted every Tom, Dick and Roco). Now I could list off a hundred reasons why Friday nights are perfect for “Fringe.” Maybe not a hundred, but at least 10. Instead, I’m going to save time and give you the No. 1, argument-winning reason: Fridays are the perfect day to sit around on the Internet and find junk that gets you excited to watch “Fringe.”


Anyone who works 40 hours a week at an Internet-enabled computer has to admit that Fridays are when your personal Web surfing gets that extra boost. That’s probably how you’re reading this article right now. So why not embrace it and find out what else is on the Internet about “Fringe?”

If you’re curious to see who’s in charge of making all this “Fringe” stuff up, you should check out this video of executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman. They mostly talk about the move to Friday night, which is nice, but I’m far more interested in those plans for seasons 5, 6 and 7 they mention. I talked to these guys back at the end of Season 2, and listening to their thoughts and enthusiasm for the show makes you understand how “Fringe” continues to get better and better.

And since you’re already watching videos, I always love the “Fringe” previews cut to look like blockbuster movie trailers. That will kill a little of your Friday afternoon.

If you want to be a little more productive with your time, you could check out the science of “Fringe.” Relive your favorite moments from the fall while learning about protein modeling or information encoding or communicable disease. It’s just like going back to high school science class. And if you’re a fan of “Fringe,” those are probably happy memories.

Or you could get your mind in shape for the new “Fringe.” Go back and watch all the past appearances of the Observer with appropriate musical accompaniment . Take time to ponder if Friday night’s episode title “The Firefly” is a reference to the new “Fringe” timeslot. Or contemplate what classic sci-fi icons you could see “Fringe” characters playing. Astrid as Uhura. Walter as Dr. Who. Olivia as Ellen Ripley.

And if all of that doesn’t waste your Friday afternoon thinking about “Fringe,” don’t forget that “The Firefly” has special guest star Christopher Lloyd. Doc Brown with Dr. Walter Bishop? Now that’s something I’m excited to see.

--Andrew Hanson


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PHOTO: John Noble, left, and Christoper Lloyd in ‘The Firefly’ epidsode of ‘Fringe.’ FOX TELEVISION