Late Night: Obama and Leno talk Kardashians, Roscoe’s Chicken


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On Tuesday, President Obama made his fourth visit to ‘The Tonight Show.’ He and Jay Leno mostly stuck to meaty topics, such as the recent death of Libyan dictator Moammar Kadafi (‘I think it obviously sends a strong message around the world to dictators that people long to be free’) and his proposed solution to the stagnant job market (‘There are some roads that could be fixed’).

Eventually, though, their conversation turned to lighter subjects.


Obama spoke highly of his recent visit to Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles in West Los Angeles, where he ordered the No. 9 Country Boy special. Back in his limo, Obama gave in to the enticing aroma of the wings, even though he was on his way to a splashy fund-raising dinner. ‘I didn’t realize it was so close. Suddenly, we pull up and I’ve got a spot on my tie, and I’m looking for one of those Wet Ones. It was not elegant,’ he said.

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Leno asked what the first lady, an outspoken advocate of healthy eating, thought about the calorie-laden meal. ‘Michelle loves french fries, she loves pizza. Her point is, just in moderation,’ he explained.

However, the Obamas do disagree when it comes to Halloween. ‘The last few years she’s been giving kids fruits and raisins. I said, The White House is gonna get egged if this keeps up.’

Leno broached another highly controversial topic: ‘The Kardashians.’ ‘You recently said that you don’t like the girls watching ‘The Kardashians’?’ he asked.

‘I am probably a little biased against reality TV, partly because there’s this program on C-SPAN called ‘Congress,’’ he joked, admitting that he had not actually seen any of the various Kardashian-related televisions shows. ‘Do you recommend it, Jay?’

Now it was Leno’s turn to dodge the question. ‘It’s a wonderful show...I don’t know...’ he stammered. (Apparently both the president and Jay Leno fear the wrath of the Kardashians.)

Speaking of reality television, Leno asked the president if he’d watched any of the GOP debates. He said he wasn’t paying much attention to them -- yet. ‘I’m going to wait until everybody’s voted off the island.’


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