Q&A: Brad Goreski on his new Bravo series and parting ways with Rachel Zoe


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Brad Goreski‘s new series ‘It’s a Brad, Brad World’ finally premieres Jan. 2 on Bravo (we say ‘finally,’ because those commercials have been working overtime). In it, Goreski, 34, attempts to break out on his own as a Hollywood stylist. And while he doesn’t have quite the same snazzy fashion vernacular (‘Bananas!’ ‘I die!’) as his former boss Rachel Zoe, there are fashion shoots, significant other quibbles, and celebrity clientle (albeit, on a somewhat smaller scale; in the first episode, his only celebrity client is Jessica Alba).

We chatted briefly with the reality star/stylist, who was recently named ‘exclusive brand stylist’ for Kate Spade — about his headlining his own show and the split from stylist Rachel Zoe in September 2010 — which, it turns out, didn’t end as amicably as they let on.


You left working for Rachel Zoe to break out on your own as a stylist. It’s a pretty big undertaking. Had you thought about establishing yourself in the field before letting the cameras follow you? I would think they’d be a distraction ...

Well, you know, initially I didn’t want to. I wanted to focus on getting my portfolio together, which I did. About six months after I went out on my own, I got a lot of emails about meeting with people and such. I initially wanted to do a makeover show. Then, when I met with Shed Media, the production company for the show, they loved the idea of a makeover show, but they thought what people liked so much about me on Rachel show was me going through my firsts — my first Oscars, my first triumphs, my first failures. We decided that it was an exciting time in my life and that it might be interesting and worthwhile to continue letting people see what I was up to. We thought it would be interesting to show somebody who was not necessarily at the top of their game but was climbing their way to get there and the struggles that entails. Also, I was very much interested in showing the complete other side of my life, which is my personal life and my family life — aspects they weren’t introduced to on Rachel’s show.

My main focus was also to focus on the process of styling. And the process that goes into a photo shoot. It’s not like we just arrive on the set with clothes. There are many steps in between. There’s also many steps to putting together an Oscar outfit. There are skills that come with this job, believe it or not.

Have their been clients that have been turned off by all the cameras?

Not so far. Not everyone wants to be on camera, sure. But I wouldn’t say that it’s prevented me from getting a job.

How about the drama factor. Bravo has made a name for itself with those table-flipping housewives. Is there a sense of pressure that you have to provide that same kind of drama?


That is just not me — I couldn’t even act that out if they had a script. It’s more of natural drama that comes with this line of work — it’s more will-I-do-something-or-not? kind of suspense.

Let’s talk about the cameras on that other show, ‘The Rachel Zoe Project,’ in terms of how they portrayed your departure [She says she was under the impression he was leaving to live a quiet life with his boyfriend]. You guys seemed to be on good terms after your exit. But on ‘Watch What Happens Live!’ recently, you painted a different picture. What’s the story?

Unfortunately, from my point of view and the number of conversations we had about my departure, and then also the press release we released to People, things on her show were portrayed completely different. It’s very clear in that release that my intentions were to spread my wings and soar, which indicates going to another level and going to another place — not simply going home to my boyfriend and my dogs. My intention of assisting her and interning at Vogue and working at Vogue and other stuff was I was always preparing to be a stylist on my own and have my own business.

To say those things are not what we discussed — it was just unfortunate and a little bit disappointing. I had given her 2 1/2 months’ notice and helped find a replacement and stayed past my end date to finish out a photo shoot with her. I really did conduct myself in an honest way. It’s unfortunate to me the way it was brought up on national television instead of just emailing me or calling me if she had issues.

So you haven’t been in touch?


What about Taylor?

We are! We speak every so often. We see each other out. It’s not like we’re going out to dinner or anything. I’m happy for her and what she’s doing. I wish her continued success.

Are you excited about the Golden Globes? Got any clients walking the red carpet?

I’m still waiting for some presenters to be confirmed. We’ll see. I’m definitely excited.

—Yvonne Villarreal