‘2 Broke Girls’ on CBS is rich in raunch

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There is never a shortage of raunchy dialogue on the CBS comedy ‘2 Broke Girls,’ but Monday night’s episode may have hit a new high — or low, depending on your perspective.

In the episode, main characters Max and Caroline cook cupcakes for a bar mitzvah. Besides giving writer Liz Feldman an excuse to whip up every tired old Orthodox Jewish stereotype, it also gave her a chance to put really crude lines in the mouths of two 13-year-old boys hitting on the girls.


Here is a sampling of what the boys said to Max and Caroline:

‘Damn sweetness, your lips are moving but your ass is doing all the talking.’

‘How much money is it going to take for you to pop that top and serve me up some super fine ta-tas?

‘How you going to say anything with your mouth full?’

‘That’s what’s up, hooker.’

‘Damn, boo, I stopped listening after you said ‘freshly waxed.’'

One wonders what jokes the standards-and-practices department at CBS deemed too over the top.

Of course, the dirty talk wasn’t limited to the boys. When the mother of one of the boys offers Max an opportunity to “sit, eat, come,’ Max replies, ‘Three of my favorite things to do.’ Earlier in the episode one character says to a women in a tight orange dress that her breasts ‘look like two giant orange traffic cones’ and adds, ‘Are you trying to tell me not to park there?’

The best sitcoms — ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Cheers’ come to mind — had no shortage of sexual innuendo. Howard Stern and Sarah Silverman usually manage to make fans blush without wanting to gag. Even the down and dirty ‘Two and a Half Men’ generally has some sort of plot built around its crudeness. This isn’t to suggest that the women can’t be as foul-mouthed as men, and ‘Bridesmaids’ certainly proved there’s an audience for it. But with ‘2 Broke Girls,’ the plots are just slow pitches down the middle of the plate to set up the next oral-sex joke.

But hey, decide for yourself: Here’s a clip from Monday’s show, with crude language intact.


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— Joe Flint