Zach, Gucci and Prada


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Of course the prices are high when the words Gucci and Prada are part of the conversation.

But the Clippers’ Zach Randolph has learned his lesson about overpaying. And learned it the hard way.

‘The most I spent was $7,500,’ he said. ‘I don’t think I’ll do that again.’

That said, we wandered out to the parking lot at the Clippers’ training facility earlier this week to take a look at Gucci and Prada.


Gucci and Prada went scampering into the lot and immediately found a fire hydrant and did their business. (I was just very glad Prada didn’t decide to mark her territory on my fake Prada bag.)

Gucci and Prada are pit bulls. Youngsters, in fact, and quite friendly ones. Randolph has spent $7,500 to buy a pit bull and once earned $5,000 when he sold one.

‘When people think of pit bulls they think of aggressive dogs and dog fighting,’ Randolph said. ‘I can show you a dog that’s made over $500,000, just stud and breeding and selling puppies. My dogs don’t bite.’

This is about tranquil dog shows. Randolph’s big dog, Kaos, won a trophy about three weeks ago in San Bernardino, he said. Clippers’ teammate Baron Davis apparently is thinking of buying one from Randolph.

The chat about dogs started after someone posed as Randolph on Twitter and claimed to want out of Los Angeles. Randolph then said the only thing he looked at on the computer were dogs and cars.

Naturally, he’s competitive with this hobby. Pick and roll meets pit (bull) rolls over.

‘I like to have the best-looking dog,’ Randolph said.

Still, Randolph reserves the right to make changes in the lineup. ‘I like (the names) Prada and Gucci, but I might switch it around,’ he said.

Guess Twitter I and Twitter II still might have a shot.

-- Lisa Dillman