Sting talks about Sunday’s PPV and his son playing college football

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Pro wrestling legend Sting challenges TNA heavyweight champion A.J. Styles for the title on the ‘Bound for Glory’ pay-per-view Sunday in Irvine at the Bren Events Center. We caught up with Sting before the event for a quick Q&A where he talks about his career and his son, who played college football for Azusa Pacific.

Question: Big event coming up Sunday, featuring another title shot for you. What does winning the title mean to you at this stage of your career?


Sting: Winning the TNA World Championship is the highest honor in the business today. I’ve been lucky enough to win the title at the last three “Bound For Glory” events, but a fourth win against someone as talent as AJ Styles would certainly be rewarding at my age.

How much longer do you think you can wrestle?

Right now I honestly don’t know how to answer that question. There are so many things to consider that I haven’t thought about it. Sunday night will factor in.

Who do you see as the face of TNA five years from now?

Certainly my opponent on Sunday (Styles). There is so much talent in the company right now that it could be one of many young guys we have today. I’ve wrestled against guys like Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan who have shown they have what it takes to be at the top.

If Dixie Carter came to you and said “What would you change to put us at the same level as WWE,” what would you say?

Wow. That’s a hard question to answer. I think with time TNA can be at the level of the competition by continuing to highlight a great product, and that’s great talent and great wrestling.


The business has changed from highlighting the wrestling, to highlighting the story telling backstage. How hard of an adjustment was that for you?

Things really have changed from even ten years ago. There have been things in my career I wasn’t enthusiastic about, changes and directions in wrestling I didn’t agree with but I can tell you now that this busines works in phases and you have to stay true to what you believe in.

Your son played college football at Azusa Pacific. What’s it like being just a guy in the stands, watching your son compete, when it’s usually you out there in the spotlight?

It’s a lot more stressful. The two don’t really compare because I’m so nervous when he’s out there playing, and when I’m in the ring it’s just not a concern.

You’ve never really been a bad guy in your career, at least not for very long. Would you have liked to have had one run on top as a heel?

The fans have had a lot to do with that. I think after a while the Sting character became something bigger than myself with wrestling fans. So many changes have been made over the years to look of Sting, but the character has always been a fan favorite. I’m grateful for that.

OK, you’re from Southern California. Dodgers or Angels?

Dodgers, definetely, but it’s so great for Southern California to have both teams in this deep in the playoffs.

And finally, for those people out there on the fence about going to Sunday’s show, or buying it on pay-per-view, what would you say to them to get them to give TNA a chance?

TNA has the best professional wrestling action in the entire world today. If you haven’t seen a show in years you’ll be absolutely amazed by the athleticism, and if you’re used to or expect what the competition provides you’ll be blown away. And for myself, it’s possible I might not participate in this big of an event again. If that’s the case it will be great for me to wrestle here at home.


-- Houston Mitchell

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