Opinion: John Edwards reveals he voted for Barack Obama last week. Or did he?


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Former Sen. John Edwards has been out of the Democratic presidential race for what seems like one or two geological eras. But these guys don’t like to be outside the spotlight too long. The attention is addictive.

So in recent days Edwards has reappeared all over television as if he was running still--or again. In fact, quick, go turn on your TV now; he’s back on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ this morning.


But the other day he was on MSNBC, chatting with host David Schuster. Of course, the question these guys know they’re going to get is the one the TV hosts know they’re going to ask, trying to make a headline:

Who, goes the question, are you going to endorse for the party’s nomination, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

Everybody knows they’re not going to answer; the ex-candidate is gonna use some kind of dodge, as Edwards, of course, did. He said....

...he would ‘very likely’ endorse the Democrat he’d voted for the previous Tuesday in North Carolina’s primary, which Obama won handily.

But, Schuster pressed, who was that? That’s when Edwards may have slipped.

‘I just voted, I just voted for him on Tuesday,’ he said. Him? Edwards is going to endorse the freshman Illinois senator?

Ah, but we’ve all come to recognize Edwards’ Southern accent lo these many months of debates and sound bites. It could have been: ‘I just voted for ‘em on Tuesday.’

Schuster, according to an interesting account buried in a New York Times story the next day, continued to press. ‘So it was a him or a her you voted for?’

Then, Edwards may have realized what he may have said. ‘No, no,’ he said, backpedaling quickly and laughing at the game.


So we don’t really know. Or do we? What do you think?

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo Credit: CNN